About Us

We are a small family business that makes hula hoops for fitness and fun!  Our mission is to share with others how beneficial hula hooping is to the mind and body.


cecilHooping is hands-down the most fun way to lose weight and get fit!   But hula hooping is so much more than just the trendy new way to exercise.  It is an inexpensive and highly effective way to burn calories and tone your body from the comfort of your home, while expressing your personality with one of our dazzling hoops!

Hula hooping trains our bodies and minds to be balanced and in control.  You will reduce stress, increase happiness, and improve your focus, flexibility, and coordination!  All of these things while burning mega calories and creating a strong toned body! :)

Make sure to keep up with our Ruby Hooping Blog to read all about every little thing we love about hula hooping.  Whether you’re looking for a simple exercise routine or some elegant dance moves and nifty tricks to try with your hoop, you’ll find it here.


Every summer we travel in our RV to meet as many of our customers as possible!  Check our Instagram to stay up to date!


From the creator of Ruby Hooping:

Hi, and thanks for visiting Ruby Hooping!  My name is Lindsay, but many call me Ruby Linz.   I find serenity inside the hula hoop and think you will too.

In recent years, I have been very interested in physical fitness and overall wellness.   I have been writing particularly about fitness for plus size women for many years.  Hula hooping has been instrumental for me more than any other practice in blossoming into the person I am today.  As soon as I discovered hula hooping, I knew it was going to be a lifelong affair.  I immediately began writing about hooping, and making hoops! :)  

I first picked up a hoop at the age of 30, after never being able to hoop my whole life, not even as a child!  Hooping has helped me to lose over 100 pounds! I have also gained confidence, and cultivated inner peace.  I started this hooping business to share the joy of hooping with as many people as I can reach in this short life!   Hope you’ll stick around and see what all the hoop-lah is about ;)  


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