Day Hoop Care

How to Maintain Your Ruby Hoop

A handy little guide to help you take the best possible care of your brand new hula hoop.

If you just got your hoop and can’t seem to figure out how to get it unfolded, click here for a video guide!

Hoops are plastic circles.  They are susceptible to all sorts of circumstances–heat, cold, moisture, concrete, mud, you name it, your hoop has probably seen it.  Not to mention how hard we can be on our hoops while using them!  Because of these factors, its important to know how to get the most out of your hoop.

Misshapen hoops are the #1 concern of hoop owners.  That is, a hoop that is no longer a perfect circle.  This happens for a number of very common reasons and is very easy to fix!  Reasons why hoops can become imperfect circles include:

  • Leaving your hoop in a hot car
  • Hanging your hoop on a hook for a long period of time
  • Or, leaving it leaning against a wall
  • Hard/tough use
  • …and a number of other reasons.

The BEST way to get your hoop to re-take her beautiful circular shape is to get your hoop warmed up (preferably, by leaving it on a flat surface in the summer sunshine) and then gently re-shaping the hoop with your hands.  It also helps to warm it up and then hoop with it :)

If it’s wintertime or you just don’t have access to sunshine, you can also use other methods for warming the hoop up.  A hair dryer works great!  Warm the whole hoop up and then either re-shape with your hands or place the hoop under your mattress to allow it to flatten back out.

It is completely natural and to be expected that your hoop will change shape from time to time, but a few simple tricks used as needed to keep your hoop in shape are all it takes!

Happy Hooping! :)

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