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We sponsored six hoopers in 2014.  Jackie Adams is one of them.  She is a force to be reckoned with in the hooping community, and practically a household name in the Curvy Hoopers world!  We are so proud to have her on our team!  Watching her journey unfold has been inspiring for many, so we asked her to write a blog post about her experiences with hula hooping.  This is what she came up with.



So a year ago when my sister gave me a hoop and some motivation to do something I had no idea what lurked ahead. I watched a YouTube video and thought why not, that girl did it, why can’t I? So here I was fat, out of shape, depressed and now fat, out of shape and depressed with a hula hoop. So I worked at it, damn it was hard, my arms hurt, and did you know I have muscles in my mid-section, boy I found them during the relentless hours of trying to just waist hoop, but I got it. I GOT IT!

So this leads me into what I wanted to share today, I have gained so many things this year through other than just waist hooping.

1. Being able to be proud of myself again. Each and every step along the ways has its own little jump and down screaming “YAY!” It’s that feeling every time you nail a trick, it is a rush, and nothing else matters but making it perfect, and making it your own. The feeling is magical!

2. Losing weight. I mean I was hoping to lose some weight, but in itself WOW. My clothes fit! Do you even know what that feels like!?! I can cross my legs. I actually need a belt, mainly because I can’t afford new pants, so they are all big, and I really can’t complain. I had this purse that wouldn’t fit over my shoulder because my arm was too big, it fits around my arm now guys. What a great feeling.

3. I have reflexes like no ones business. In the process of learning this flow art you drop the hoop A LOT. I don’t mean here and there I mean in a good hoop practice session, 50 times. Throwing it, flinging it, hitting near by objects, especially in the house, and people. Hula Hoops should come with a disclaimer, could be dangerous! I can catch things now unexpectedly, I surprise those who witness it, like “what the hell was that?” When you can save your favorite dish from hitting the floor smashing in a million of pieces I call that a win.

4. Did I mention I can now use my left hand? Who would of thought? Maybe I can’t write pretty but I have def became more ambidextrous. Which is kind of nice especially when multitasking!

5. Friends. Do I even need to say more? Hoopers are everywhere. My next door neighbor was a hula hooper, the people who lives 2 house down from my sister and across the street from her hula hooped. I met people at a random bar that hula hoop. We went to the park for a jam session, got to fire hoop for the first time, with a new hooper that saw us hula hooping. I go to school to college with hoopers, in fact the world is so small the girl who met us at the park who offered us to fire hoop actually graduated from the same culinary program I will graduate from in the spring! This isn’t even touching the online community. They are the best, loving, caring, creative, giving, smart, musical people I have ever known. They have been there for me through thick and thin, which I can’t really say too much about my real life friends.

6. A YouTube Channel. I know I know this one is an odd one. A lot of hoopers don’t like the see themselves in camera, I totally understand when I first started I felt the same way. Seeing my self was scary, I didn’t like what I saw and those tricks….eeek. My motivation was the YouTube video my sister made me watch. I wanted to do a video like that, so I kept videoing myself. Before long I saw my own improvements. I wanted to share them and that online community I mentioned before were my inspiration, they had such encouraging words, thoughtful comments, lots of help. Those followers keep me going. By the way I just finished the video I was talking about and you can see it on my YouTube.

7. My musical horizon has expanded. I fell in love with EDM. The beat. The chill, ambient music, the go hard progression music. I love it all!!!!!

8. Confidence! Before I used to walk with my head down, just feeling in lack of a better word BLAH. I am trying new things, like I bought my first pair of tights today, me in tights…never would have happened. But hell they are cute and so comfy, and I rock them!

9. A hobby. Before my interests really didn’t include anything other than watching TV, baking and cooking. I really never have collected anything, or ever really been passionate about anything other than politics, which obviously in my neck of the woods gets me into arguments. Hooping has gave me something to do, it gets me off my booty and gets my moving, what better hobby can you have?

10. Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. Yes, I’m bigger, yes my weight has gotten out of control. I tried lots of things. I love food so diets that cut out all the good stuff, yeah that didn’t work. I tried doing zumba, but that was way high impact and gave me shin splints and oh boy my ankles hurt BAD. Hooping has given me a low impact movement that gets my heart rate up and I’m having so much fun that I don’t even notice I’m out of breath till I stop.

11. I’m not as clumsy. I used to run into things, walls, cabinets, doors, anything really. Now I have become really aware of my space.

12. A sponsorship. When I first began, the girls with a sponsorship were UHHHMAZING to me! Like I saw MinaBear from Newman Designs, and then Sheri Alice, my sister Sunny Daze, and now here I am! I never in a million years thought I could be that girl.

I have to thank Lindsay at for this amazing opportunity and believing in me, it is such an honor!





Ruby Hooping Sponsored Hooper

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