Reflective Flair Add-On


This is an add-on listing.  You should only purchase this listing if you have also purchased a colored HDPE or polypro hoop and you would like to add reflective flair to it.

This feature is basically 12 to 14 single wraps of color morphing, high intensity reflective tape spaced evenly around the hoop approximately 6-8 inches apart (depending on size of hoop).  The effect is very pretty during the day, and makes for amazing videos when you record the hoop with the flash on.

This is not an LED hoop.  If that is what you want, click here!

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Product Description

To see a video of this beauty, click here!

Reflective hula hoop tape shines brightly back at you when you point a light source at it.  The best way to capture the full essence of this tape is to take pictures and record video of yourself using the hoop while turning on your camera’s flash.  The flash option is available on most all smart phone cameras, including iPhones and Androids.

Below you can see a comparison picture of how the reflective flair hula hoop appears with and without a flash on.  The top picture is what your hoop looks like in regular daylight.  The bottom picture is how your hoop looks when flash is used to take pictures and videos of it.  The color morph design pictured is celestial sky.

Please see the image below for each color morphing reflective design.  Please understand that the fully taped hoops pictured below are only shown here for informational purposes relating to the color designs.  If you prefer to purchase a fully taped color morphing reflective hula hoop, click here.

From Left to Right:

  • Black Opal
  • Galactic Strawberry
  • Cosmic Candy
  • Celestial Sky
  • Mystic Mermaid

The top picture is how these color designs look with a flash on.  The bottom picture shows how they look in normal light.

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