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Build Your Own LED Hula Hoop


Finally, here’s your chance to conveniently order the exact LED hula hoop you’ve been dreaming of!  Create your own five-light pattern below and we will repeat the pattern twice for a vibrant 10-light hula hoop!  If you want 20 lights instead, click here to add-on the double your lights listing!

All of our hoops come with a smooth inner connection and your choice of colorful grip tape or sanding for free, as well as one battery and charger!  There are no additional charges to get your hoop made exactly how you want it!

For grip tape, just choose your style and color. Grip tape helps keep the hoop from sliding down your body so you can spin all night! It will not impact the brightness of your hoop.

For help choosing a size, see our guide below.

Want more lights?  Click here to double the number of LEDS on your hoop!

Try our Hoop Wax for extra grip!

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Materials: All of our Build Your Own LED hula hoops are hand-made with 10 LEDs and 3/4″ or 5/8″ OD HDPE or polypro tubing.  You can double your lights for a total of 20 LEDs by clicking here!

Choose from a variety of LED colors to create your own unique LED hula hoop!

Construction: Our hoops are carefully constructed for durability and to eliminate rattling.  They also feature an inside connection with push button.  No bulky outer cuff on our babies!  Also, the batteries we use are quite light and we have carefully weighted our hoops to ensure balance. led hula hoop inner connection

Battery Power: Each LED hula hoop operates on a single lithium ion rechargeable battery.  Your hoop purchase includes one battery and a charger.  We recommend that you purchase extra batteries so you can glow all night!  One fully charged battery will last for approximately 1-2 hours, depending on your hoop.  Click here to purchase extra batteries!

Weight: While we can only estimate because each hoop is different depending on size, these hoops generally weigh between 8 and 16 ounces.

Warranty: We have extensively tested our hoops for durability, but we also include a one year warranty which covers the electronic aspects of your hoop with normal use.  You will receive an information sheet with your hoop with care instructions to ensure it has a long life.  Never allow your hoop to get wet or get sand or grit around the connection!  We usually put a piece of tape over the hoop’s connection point to seal it closed when hooping on the beach.

Turnaround & Shipping Time: Currently we are shipping all LED hula hoops within 2 weeks from the date you place your order.  Shipping time is usually 2 days via USPS Priority Mail.  If you would like to check the status of your order, you can message us on Facebook at any time and we will usually respond within 12 hours.

If you aren’t sure what diameter to choose, these are our guidelines:

If you aren’t sure what size hoop to choose, these are our guidelines:

BEGINNER: 40″-36″ Diameter & 3/4″ HDPE Tubing

INTERMEDIATE: 33″-37″ Diameter & 3/4″ HDPE or Polypro Tubing (Also consider 5/8″ HPE or Polypro if you prefer lighter weight)

EXPERT: 26″-32″ Diameter & 5/8″ HDPE or Polypro Tubing

CHILD: 26″-34″ Diameter & 3/4″ HDPE Tubing

Please keep in mind these are just guidelines.  If you are an intermediate or expert hooper, you probably know what personally works best for you, so please trust your own judgment.  For beginners and children we always recommend HDPE tubing, because it is more durable than polypro and also resistant to cold temperatures.

To add gorgeous iridescent see-through tape to your hoop, click the image below.

add tape to led hula hoop


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