Why You Should Never Take My Advice on Hula Hooping

tuesday essa
pictured: Tuesday Essa

Whether you have gotten to know me in real life, on Facebook or just through reading my posts here at Ruby Hooping, I am sure I have given you hooping advice many times.  Probably more than you even asked for!  That’s what I do.

pictured: Keilly Phillips
pictured: Keilly Phillips

I am by no means an expert at hula hooping.  In fact, I could write a whole blog post about my firm belief that you don’t need to be an expert to teach what you know.  I know enough about hula hooping to get others excited about it, and that’s what’s most important!

But the bottom line is, we’re all on our own individual path.  Hooping is a deeply personal journey.  To borrow a few words from Ripple by the Dead, “No one may follow.  That path is for your steps alone.”

It may sound lonely, but really it’s liberating.  It means you’re not in a competition with anybody else.  It means there is no reason for you to concern yourself with anyone else’s opinion of what makes a “good” hooper.  You decide that for you!

pictured: Ali Williams :)
pictured: Ali Williams

I started making hoops at the very same time that I started hooping.  So, on my particular path, my hoop-making skills have developed faster than my hooping skills.   And that’s perfectly okay!  Sometimes I get a little concerned that my hooping isn’t as far along as somebody else’s, but then I remind myself that we are all individuals.

pictured: Raymond Sanchez!

So learn all you can from other hoopers, because the way we all grow together as a community and as a downright force of nature is pretty special.  Watch Youtube tutorials, share with others, have a weekly hoop sesh in your backyard with all the friends you got hooked on hula hooping.

But don’t take my advice on how your hoop journey should go.  You get to wind down whatever road you want :)

Just make sure you take the trip, because hooping will be the most exhilarating, empowering odyssey of your life.

Hoop on, hoopsters!

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