Can I Hula Hoop After Giving Birth?

by Mama Ruby
can you hula hoop after giving birth

Last year we wrote an article about hula hooping during pregnancy, and we wanted to follow up with some more information on hula hooping after giving birth.

We collected stories and photos from several hooping mamas about their experiences getting into hula hooping after bringing life into this world.

Hula Hooping After Giving Birth

Disclaimer: Always speak to your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Update for 2022: I am going to be adding more stories to this article soon including my own so check back for more soon 🙂

Kashmir Stivers, who had a baby 8 months ago, said that hula hooping was a great way to pull herself back together mentally and physically after giving birth.

can i hula hoop after giving birth

Pictured: Corrinne Coomes with 4 month old Baby G

She started light hooping only a week after her child was born, and told us it was frustrating at first because she found hooping around her waist to be difficult.  But before long she was getting into the swing of it, and hooping motivated her to lose weight and get fit again after spending the last 9 months pregnant.

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Caitlin Detamore hooped right up until the day she gave birth, even though by that point she could only really do off-body tricks.  Her baby is now four months old and she is struggling to find the time to hoop because newborns need so much attention, but she does find that her baby loves to watch her hoop!

can you hula hoop after having a baby

Pictured: Rhiannon Bridges

Hula Hooping Can Help Relieve Post Partum Depression

Anna Mendoza talked about how she had horrible post partum depression.  She said hula hooping after giving birth was the thing that pulled her out of it.   

Hula hooping is a very healing practice to engage in especially at this emotionally and physically vulnerable time in your life. Take my Six Week Beginner Hula Hoop Challenge for All Bodies to gently get your body moving again, and start feeling great about yourself! 

It’s also a great activity for the whole family, so you can get your babies started early enjoying all of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of hula hooping!

can i hula hoop after giving birth

Pictured: Amy Jones and family

can you hula hoop after giving birth

Photo of Jordyn White’s little one!

Here’s a video of this sweet one with hooping mama Jordyn!  Follow her for tons of inspiration.

Jordyn told us that once she was cleared to start hooping again after her emergency c-section, it brought back so much happiness to her life.  She said hooping made her realize that she can be a mother and the woman she wants to be!

I literally got chill bumps hearing stories from all of these beautiful hooping mamas.  Every single mother I spoke with told me that hooping helped ground her, bring her focus back to what mattered most, and give her the confidence to be a good mother.

If you are pregnant right now, it’s a great time to get prepared to start hula hooping after you give birth.  

Start by joining our Facebook group so you can observe other hula hooping moms and get inspired by how much hooping has positively impacted their lives.

Next, check out our Quick Start Guide to get going on hooping asap.

I’m waiting for you in Day 1 of the Six Week Beginner Challenge 🙂 Let’s raise a generation of children with mothers who love their bodies, and know how important it is to always dance and play! 

can i hula hoop after giving birth

Pictured: Addison Goode’s little one!

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Wendy Moor July 21, 2019 - 9:19 pm

Any idea how long I should wait before using a weighted hoop after a c section? I’m desperate to get going but don’t want to do any damage. I’m 9 weeks post partum and no pain or restricted for many weeks.

Mama Ruby July 25, 2019 - 7:36 pm

It depends on the weight of the hoop and on your doctor’s opinion! Generally speaking we have had women get back to it within 2-3 months!

Shal July 17, 2020 - 3:20 am

Hi, I had a second c-sec and my baby 4 n half months now. I really want to start my regular tummy hula hoop. Any suggestions, Is it is the right time to start? Or do I need to wait more.
Thanks in advance.

Mama Ruby July 22, 2020 - 6:18 pm

Call your doctor to be sure but I started back up at six weeks post partum 🙂


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