Escalator Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial

by Mama Ruby
escalator hula hoop trick tutorial

The escalator hula hoop trick is possible for anyone to learn no matter how long you’ve been hula hooping.  It looks so cool, there are tons of variations, and it’s always a crowd pleaser!  

Best Hoop to Use for Escalator Hula Hoop Trick

The best hoop to use to learn the escalator hula hoop trick is a medium-sized hoop.  If you have our Go Getter pack, you would want to use the lighter weight dance hoop it comes with for this trick.  

Most of the time, you’re going to want a bigger hoop to learn most hula hoop tricks.  The escalator is an exception to that.

Even though it’s possible to do this trick with a wide variety of hoop diameters, this particular trick can initially be a little more difficult to learn with a really large hoop.  That’s because of the way the hoop gets flipped above your head when you catch it.  A bigger hoop may go so high you can’t even reach it. 

If you have a beginner hoop but are ready to try a smaller, lighter weight hula hoop for tricks like this one, check out our Lightweight HDPE Hula Hoops.  I would recommend choosing a diameter about 4″ smaller than your beginner hoop.

Learn The Escalator Hula Hoop Trick

Here is my Youtube tutorial on the escalator hula hoop trick.  Subscribe to my channel for more free tutorials.

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