Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Your First LED Hula Hoop

by Mama Ruby
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Yes my darling, come closer, for I am whispering those sweet words you’ve been longing to hear!  Go ahead and treat yourself to that LED hula hoop you’ve been having recurring dreams about.  Don’t wait until you’ve been hooping for some randomly selected amount of time.  Why put yourself through that?  The thought of being without my LED hula hoop is traumatic.  You don’t deserve that.

Look, even if you’ve only been hooping for a month or two, chances are you already know in your heart you’re a hooper.  For life.  Yep, you’ll still be dancing inside those circles when you’re 90, shaking your hips and showing off how much more flexible you are than all your pals at the nursing home.

So if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re a hooper, why not go ahead and treat yourself to the most amazing and fun thing to ever grace the planet Earth?  Having your very own LED hula hoop is like having a magical light show at your service 24/7.  It’s fourth of July fireworks every day of the year.  I always feel like Shee-ra when I hoop!  I guess I’m showing my age there, but I know y’all know who I’m talking about…

“For the honor of Greyskull, I am SHE-RAAAAAAA!”  

Okay, so you need a few good solid reasons to justify why you should go ahead and get yourself an LED hula hoop now?  After all, someone has probably recommended that you wait, saying LEDs are expensive and if you’re just a beginner you might break it.

LED hula hoops don’t have to be expensive to be durable or beautiful.  Sure, there are some LED hula hoops out there that cost more than $500.00.  But those are super fancy smart hoops that have like Mario designs or something.  They’re AMAZING.  Maybe you should wait to get THAT kind of led hula hoop.  I won’t even argue with you on that one.

But you need to know that a gorgeous, vibrant and durable LED hula hoop is available for less than $100.00 right now and can totally take being handled by a beginner.  In fact, it comes with a one year warranty on all electrical components!

So who makes this amazing hoop, you ask?  We do, right here at Ruby Hooping!  We are super proud of our work on this hoop and are so happy to offer an affordable option to anyone whose heart yearns for an LED hula hoop.  Click here to find out more about our hoops!

So now that you know that you can get a durable hoop at a price you can afford that can handle being used by a beginner, what could possibly stop you?  Oh girl, you’re gonna have that hoop.  I can see the gleam in your eye now.

When I got my first LED hula hoop, it had a major impact on me as a beginner.  It DROVE me.  I wanted to hoop every minute of every day because of that hoop.  I would go shut myself into rooms without windows so I could have darkness in the middle of the day to hoop!  Such pretty lights!  So much wow!  Look at the glowing rainbow circle!  I was smitten by this hoop, I’m telling ya.  I bought a bunch of extra batteries so I could just hoop all night.  I probably lost twenty pounds that first month.  I am not even kidding.

So getting an LED hula hoop early on in your journey is a great idea in my humble opinion, because it will motivate you to get your hoop on quite a bit.  Your hoop skills will improve rapidly and you’ll become a happier healthier person!

Basically, an LED hula hoop is the answer to all your problems in life.

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Happy Hooping,

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Lesley July 2, 2014 - 4:12 am

I should totally treat myself to an LED Hula Hoop, you’re right! What better time than summer to be out hooping under the pale light of the moon?

Brooke Lambert July 14, 2018 - 10:41 pm

Glad I found your blog! Love how your showing hooping is for every one. LEDs defiantly give you own you light show and help your flow grow exponentially.

Happy Hooping


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