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 Get yourself a shiny new beginner hula hoop.

We specialize in getting you into the perfect hoop for your unique body.

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When starting out, getting the right hoop is super important to ensure that your first experience in hula hooping is positive.  We want you to fall in love with hula hooping and feel all of its benefits. 

If the hoop you get is too small, it will be frustrating.   

We provide a quick size guide to help you easily choose the correct size hula hoop.

If you can afford to splurge, go for the all-inclusive Go Getter Starter Pack. 

It’s not completely necessary, but it’s really nice to start out with some options.

To read our in-depth article about getting started hula hooping, click here.  Don’t skip this! 

how to start hula hooping

Go here for the 28-day beginner video package.

This is a collection of online instructional videos made by world renowned hoop teacher and performer Deanne Love of Hooplovers TV.  They are designed to give you all the foundational knowledge you need to become a hoop superstar.

If you want to read more about why we love these online hoop classes, click here.

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When you buy a hoop from us, you aren’t just getting a hoop.  You’re getting an entire family of hoop sisters and brothers who want to take you as you are and grow together as a community and as individuals.

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