Guidance Services

by Mama Ruby

Want one-on-one help from Mama Ruby?

Yes, it’s true, I am a hula hoop instructor. I have been helping people learn how to spin in circles for over six years now. Best six years of my life!

What we have all discovered together over the years is that we are actually learning so much more than hula hooping. Your hoop practice is actually just one really powerful vehicle for living your best life.

Me and my best friend / sponsored hooper / soul sister Hashley at her wedding

In our Ruby Hoopers group on Facebook, we are a tight knit community of women (and men) who share one main goal: to become the best version of ourselves. So more often than the “How do I hoop around my shoulders” types of question, I get a lot of questions like this:

Mama Ruby, how do I…

  • Find my true purpose in life?
  • Get into (and keep) a romantic relationship?
  • Balance my job, my dreams, my spouse, my family, and more?
  • Get on the right path for me?
  • Improve my relationships with my loved ones?
  • Get my healthy routines to stick?
  • Make more money to improve the quality of my life?
  • Learn to love my body?
  • Get enough confidence to go after my dreams?

I always do my absolute best to answer all of these questions for each and every person who asks me; and the answer is different every time. We ALL have something very unique to offer the world! My job is to help you discover what you already have deep inside!

Let’s start unlocking doors, opening the windows. Let’s let some fresh air in.

Pictured: Corrinne of #TeamRuby

Through Ruby Hooping, I have had the unique privilege and honor of getting to know many amazing people through the #Rubyfam community both online and in the real world.

Some of the #rubyfam last fall <3

I have chatted for hours over drinks with Rachel in Illinois. I have spun hoops under palm trees in California with Allison. I watched the most amazing fire spinning of my life in West Virginia with Trevor and Kate. I shared tears with Hashley in the hospital, and I was overjoyed when Ashley had that baby she’d been praying for since long before I ever met her.

Ash & her mini-me!

We are real people, daring to get everything we want out of life, daring to give as much of ourselves to this world as we can before we must go. Daring to push through health problems and physical limitations and depression and terrible self images we cultivated as a result of childhood trauma.

Daring to look for meaning, to take on the responsibility of following our dreams. To not be afraid to really succeed in a BIG way!!!

Let me help you.

People often tell me, “Mama Ruby, you have changed my life. Finding you was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

That’s a BIG statement, especially to hear from people all the time! It took me a long time to really understand how I was having this affect on people.

I figured out that it’s because I REALLY believe in you! I see your soul. I feel your fire. I understand your vision. I know you can do that EXACT thing you’ve been dreaming about!!! I get SO excited about it, because I know I can help you bring it all to life.

I will help you get a fresh perspective on things. See things in a new light. Learn how to control and organize your mind to make room for growth.

Thank you so much for trusting me to help guide you on your path. Your support of my guidance services helps me to continue doing this important work. Together we can change the world for our children 🙂

Here are some choices to get started right away with our private, one-on-one guidance sessions!

Find Your Path Introductory Chat – Let’s get on video chat or exchange emails to help you discover what will make you feel motivated, excited, and happy about your life. If you know you are meant to be doing something meaningful, but are having trouble figuring out what, let’s start here.

Remove Mental Blocks to Improve Relationships – I want to spend an hour with you, working on what kind of relationships you have, are seeking, and how you can easily attract exactly what you want! Learn to NEVER doubt your value in a relationship ever again, or spend days in agony waiting for someone to text you back.

Gain the Confidence to Put Your Dreams Into Action – In this session we focus solely on that one thing you’d be doing right now if you felt READY – if you had the money, or if you had the time, or if you knew where to start. I will help you adjust your mind set so that you can stop wasting time and start feeling like you are honoring your deepest desires for your life.

Love Your Body From the Inside Out – Put an end to the pain you feel, pain that only comes from wishing your body was different than it is. Find the inner love you already have for your body and learn how to keep focused on it and nurture it so your true, loving and respectful relationship with your body can begin to flourish!

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