How to Get Hoop Up From Knees – Hula Hoop Tutorial

by Mama Ruby
how to get hoop up from knees

An extremely fun trick that makes me feel like I’m blasting off into outer space!  

I do consider this a beginner hula hoop trick, although every hooper is different and some may not learn this until they are further into their hoop journey.

It seems as though knee hooping is very easy for some hoopers and a difficult challenge for others.  We all learn each trick at our own pace!  This is one I struggled with for a few months. 

Don’t give up just because it seems hard at first! When you finally nail it, the satisfaction will feel so good!

One Way To Get Hoop Up From Knees

There are actually at least two ways to transition out of knee hooping.  The one I am teaching you today involves using your hand to lift the hoop.  The other method would be to wiggle the hoop back up to your waist, chest, or wherever you’d like to move it.

Best Hoop for Learning How to Get Hoop Up From Knees 

For this trick, as with most beginner hula hoop tricks, I definitely recommend using a beginner hoop or any hoop that has a large diameter.  Since large hoops move slower, it will give your body more time to react and learn the necessary movement.  Once you have it down, you can translate it to a smaller hoop if you want. 

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