How To Hula Hoop: Tips for Beginners!

by Mama Ruby

This post has been updated for 2022.

You may have tried to learn how to hula hoop as a child and, if you were anything like me, you failed miserably.  But if you think you can never be a hooper, think again!  If I can learn, anyone can.

If you don’t have a hoop yet, grab some now

How to Hula Hoop for Beginners

There are about six basic things you want to consider when you are trying to learn how to hula hoop.   If you pay attention to these guidelines, you’ll be hoopin’ like a boss in no time at all!

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Hula Hoop Tip #1: Dress for Success

Wear clothes that are going to allow plenty of movement.  Choose stretchy, close-fitting garments that are not slick in texture.  Cotton leggings and a tank top are great choices.  

Since I also practice yoga, I have noticed that my yoga clothes work really well for hooping because they are breathable fabrics that allow for lots of movement.  These ombre pants at Amazon are my favorite and they have sizes small thru 3x!! 

If you wear a dress or something baggy or loose, the hoop will not be able to grip to your body.  The same goes for fabrics like satin.

Now I’m not saying you won’t be able to wear a dress and hoop ever in life, but not when you’re just starting out.

One garment I love wearing when I hoop in the wintertime are my corduroy leggings.  The texture really makes the hoop stay on my body nicely.

Hula Hoop Tip #2: Posture & Movement

One of the things I love about hula hooping is that it teaches you good posture and balance.

The first thing you should to learn how to hula hoop is stand up nice and  tall and keep your spine straight.  Just try that for a minute, close your eyes, and pay attention to how your body feels.

When you’re first learning how to hula hoop, you also need to keep your legs as still as you can.  Movement in your knees or anywhere below your waist will draw the hoop downward.  So when you send that hoop on its first spin around your waist, remind yourself right then to keep a nice tall back and be conscious about your movements.

Your feet should be positioned side to side or with one foot slightly in front of the other.  Your motion will be forward to backward in a rhythmic fashion.  

Although it may feel natural to try and move your waist in a circular motion, you actually need to just be moving forward and back. To get all my best tips and training for ALL body types, join my Six Week Beginner Challenge

When the hoop makes contact with the front of your body, you should lean forward to give it a push.  When it touches your back, pulse backward to keep the momentum going.  Before you know it, that hoop stop falling down!

One last tip regarding movement is to walk in a circle in the same direction the hoop is going.  This will help to slow down the hoop, giving your body more time to pulse back and forth.

Hula Hoop Tip #3: Choose a Big Hoop

This is actually the absolute most important thing to remember when first learning how to hula hoop.  Make sure you choose a big enough hoop!  Check out my blog post here about how to choose the right size hoop for you.  If you aren’t sure what size to get, go a little bit bigger, especially if you currently have no experience with hula hooping.

how to hula hoop

Pictured: Go Getter Hula Hoop Starter Pack

My first hoop was actually about 44″ in diameter.  The bigger your hoop is, the slower it will rotate around your waist.  

This is absolutely crucial when you’re just starting out, before your body has had time to adapt to the constant movement. As you advance at hooping, you may graduate to a smaller, lighter hoop.

If you want to make your own hula hoop click here for instructions.

If you would like to order a beginner hula hoop made by me, check out my Beginner Hoops.  These are ideal for anyone just learning how to hula hoop and they come in tons of gorgeous colors sized to any body type.  Send me a message on Facebook if you want to discuss what size is best for you.

Hula Hoop Tip #4: Play Music

I have had many a hooper tell me that playing the right music made the difference for them when they were just learning how to hula hoop.  Sometimes all it takes is hearing one of your favorite songs that has a beat which feels familiar and natural to your body.

Music with a nice beat makes it much easier to keep the proper rhythm going to keep the hoop up.

We actually have a musician in the Ruby family…my fiance B.Redd The Composer. He even made a song about hooping in which I make a featured appearance 🙂 

Hula Hoop Tip #5: Practice Awareness

Hula hooping is often described as a form of meditation because to really be a good hooper means you need to be in tune with your body and your hoop as well as the space around you.  This in a way means letting go–letting go of all the stress of the day, of everything you’re worried about–including learning how to hula hoop!

hooping meditation

When I am trying to learn a new hula hoop trick, I usually struggle until I remember to just let go and let the hoop gently guide me.  But when we are focused on the goal, we tend to get aggressive and lose that delicate balance with our hoop.

Practice awareness.  Just be there in the present moment as much as you can, pay attention to how your body feels, to where the hoop touches your body, to the straightness of your spine.

Try videotaping yourself hula hooping, so you can observe the way your body moves and correct your form if necessary.

Also, hooping in front of a large mirror (such as one at a dance studio) is very helpful.  I often use the reflection in the sliding glass doors of my house to watch myself when I hoop.

Hula Hoop Tip #6: Be Patient!

Hula hooping is not something everyone learns in a few tries.  It takes some many hours, and some many weeks!

I know some extremely talented hoop dancers that took weeks to learn how to hula hoop on their waist.  Everyone learns at their own pace.  Just remember that it takes a lot of consistency and dedication but you are doing wonderful things for your body from the first time you pick up that hoop and try.

You are burning calories, improving your cardiovascular health, toning your core muscles and loads more.  It is worth sticking it out until that magical moment when it begins to click!

Hula hooping involves a lot of muscle memory, so once your muscles start to get used to the movement needed to hula hoop, it will become much easier and you will wonder how it ever took you so long to learn!

Enjoy your journey and don’t rush it.  Someday you will look back and feel a little bit nostalgic about how exciting it was when it was brand new to you!

Anyone Can Learn How To Hula Hoop!

Check out this awesome picture my customer recently sent me!  She looks like she is ready to learn how to get her hoop on!   

suzyI wish each of you a wonderful hoop journey and hope you’ll share your experiences with me here!  I love getting your comments so please leave some below.  Also, for those visual learners out there, I have created a video that summarizes my points on how to hula hoop.  Check me out!

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Marta February 24, 2014 - 9:31 am

Thanks for the great tips! I’m just starting to hoop and I was wondering if you knew any website where I could buy some decorative tapes for my hoop. I’m looking for some tapes that add a little grip to it, too.
Thanks again and happy hooping!

rubyhooping February 24, 2014 - 1:00 pm

Hey Marta! Thanks for your comment! I personally LOVE this grip tape and buy tons of it in different colors on Amazon: Click here: Grip Tape For Hula Hoops on Amazon

And here is the sparkle tape I used when I first started taping hoops. Great quality and color choices! Click here: Hula Hoop Tape on Amazon

Christina July 17, 2016 - 2:23 pm

These tips are great! Thanks for taking the time to write it out, I haven’t found anything like this ~ it’s awesome!

rubyhooping July 9, 2017 - 10:02 pm

You are so welcome!

Ina June 1, 2018 - 9:07 pm

Lovely description and great writing for anyone who wants to start out hula hooping. I’m a dancer and I love rytmic belly dance like styles more than anything. And I want to larn to hula dance.
This information and vivid description of how to technique your hoop is amazing. It has helped me so much 🙂
I’m so grateful for your share!


Cynthia January 31, 2019 - 3:29 pm

Thank you for the tips, I’m new to hula hooping. Just started this week! I’m laughing at my mistakes. Loved your article, and it’s so encouraging.


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