Hula Hooping After a Hip Replacement

by Mama Ruby
hua hooping after hip replacement

This post has been updated for 2022.

When you think of hula hooping, what comes to mind?  I think for most people, it’s the image of swaying hips!  So it makes perfect sense to feel some concern about taking on hula hooping after having a hip replacement.

Well, we have very good news for you today.

It is 100% possible to hula hoop after a hip replacement!   In fact there are thousands of people out there who are doing just that!

hula hooping after hip replacement

That’s All I Needed to Hear – Take Me to Buy A Hoop Now

Disclaimer: Speak with your doctor before you start any new exercise after getting a hip replacement.  

For this article, we interviewed Sharon Schneider Krieger, age 43 from Rochester, New York.  She went through hip replacement surgery two years ago.

Sharon had a congenital growth issue in her youth, leading to 2 hip surgeries.  As a result of those surgeries, she ended up developing early onset arthritis at age 41.  This lead to her need for a hip replacement at such a young age.

hula hooping after hip surgery

Pictured: Sharon Schneider Krieger

She had already been hooping for five years before the surgery.  Her doctor was supportive of her hooping, and just told her to really listen to her body.  He told her that if she felt pain while hooping to stop doing it.  But that overall, staying active was highly recommended.

Anyone Can Hula Hoop After a Hip Replacement

Hooping is very adaptable to each person’s physical limitations.  That’s what makes hooping so versatile- there is so much you can do with a hula hoop besides just hooping around your waist.

hula hoop after hip replacement

Pictured: Alex Truex, @dutruex on instagram

As early as 7 weeks after her hip replacement, Sharon was able to begin doing some off-body style hooping.

There are tons of beautiful dance moves and tricks you can learn to do with your hoop while taking it easy on your healing hip.   In my Six Week Beginner Hula Hoop Challenge online course, over half of the lessons are for OFF-body moves, meaning you can play it safe with your hoops and still be a hooping goddess! 

What Kind of Hoop is Best for Off-Body Moves?

If you are primarily interested in getting into the off-body stuff right now, we would recommend a 36″ 3/4″ HDPE hula hoop as a great choice for anyone, regardless of body size or skill level.  These hoops are lightweight yet durable and ideal for learning pretty much any off body trick as well as some on-body stuff as well.

Living the Hoop Life After A Hip Replacement

As of today, Sharon says she in a lot less pain than she used to be.  Her surgery was a success though she still has some weak muscles in her lower body.

Her advice to anyone considering getting into hula hooping after a hip replacement is to go for it!  Do what you can to modify your hoop practice to allow you to enjoy yourself while giving your hip time and space to heal.

Hula Hoop No Matter What

When you get bit by the hooping bug, it becomes a way of life.  Nothing will stop you, no matter how bad your disability or injury.  It is such an inspiring hobby because of the fire that burns within all of us to never quit hooping no matter what.

If I could never use my legs again I would still hoop sitting down.

I really hope you join me on this magical journey! 

hula hooping sitting down hip replacement

Do you have a story to share about how hula hooping helped you overcome an obstacle in your life?  Send us an email at and we may feature your story on our blog.

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pam fitzsimmons July 1, 2020 - 3:10 am

Can i hula hoop after hip pinning I didn’t need hip replacement

Mama Ruby July 7, 2020 - 6:51 pm

Check with your doctor to be sure!


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