Inside Out Whip Beginner Hula Hoop Tutorial

by Mama Ruby
beginner hula hoop tutorial

One of my favorite beginner hula hoop tutorials!

The inside out whip is a totally flowy super cool illusion you can create with your hoop where it looks like you are rolling a hoop across a table in front of you and weaving it in and out around your body.  I sort of think of this trick as a cross between a weave and a linear isolation.  Check it out!

What size hoop is needed to learn the inside out whip?

For this trick a medium sized, lightweight hdpe hoop would be a great choice.  Use the same size hoop you used to learn basic isolations.  If you have our Go Getter Starter Pack, use the dance practice hoop included in your set! 

How to Do the Inside Out Whip Hula Hoop Trick

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