How to Make a Mini Hula Hoop Dreamcatcher

by Mama Ruby

We are so excited to share these awesome hula hoop dreamcatchers with you.  This is a fantastic way for us to use up all of our hula hoop tubing (not to mention the hundred pounds of yarn I have from back in the day when I was obsessed with crochet–that was before I found hula hooping).

We believe strongly in repurposing and reusing materials as much as possible, especially to create art and add beauty to our world!

How to Make a DIY Mini Hula Hoop Dreamcatcher

Materials Needed

  1. DIY Dreamcatcher Kit (sold here)
  2. Scissors
  3. Beads, feathers etc (optional)
  4. Patience 🙂

The kits we sell include a mini hula hoop and some colorful yarn.  Because most of us like to spin our hula hoop dreamcatchers, we don’t include extra stuff like feathers, ribbon or beads to to hang off of the hoop.  They can inhibit your ability to manipulate the dreamcatcher.

However, if you plan to hang your dreamcatcher up for decoration instead, feel free to add anything you want to your hula hoop dreamcatcher!  Amazon has some gorgeous assorted glass beads that we have used for a lot of different projects around here.

Step One

Start off with a pair of scissors, your hula hoop and your yarn.  First tie a knot where you want to start your web.  Make sure it’s nice and tight.

how to make a hula hoop dreamcatcher

Once you have a good knot, you are ready to start your web!  This is actually a lot easier than it looks!

Step Two

Next you’re going to measure out about a finger’s length or so – honestly this is not an exact science.  You can just eyeball it and your dreamcatcher will still turn out beautiful.

Keep in mind that the more points you create around the edge of the hoop, the more intricate your web will be.  For beginners, it’s best to start off with no more than 10 or 12 knots around the perimeter of the hoop.
how to make a hula hoop dreamcatcher

What you want to do here is loop the yarn under the hoop and then back around.

Step Three

Keep doing that in evenly spaced points all around your hula hoop.  When you get back to the beginning, create your final loop right next to the place where you started, like this:

hula hoop dreamcatcherLook carefully at this photo to see what’s going on here, because this is one of the only tricky parts to making the web.  You can see in the above picture where the final loop is right next to the original starting point.

From here, you’re going to loop the yarn around the very first segment you created as pictured above.

The yarn goes in through the front and then you pull it back in front of itself so that it creates a tight loop.  Keep going all around the hoop, over and over.

how to make a dreamcatcher hula hoop

Continue this process until you have nothing but a small hole left in the middle.  Pull the thread tight, tie a double knot and trim off the excess yarn.

It’s literally that easy!

Remember, your dreamcatcher web does not have to be perfect!  No beautiful thing ever is.

We did a hula hoop dreamcatcher workshop at the Ruby Retreat 2017!  It was a huge hit and made beautiful keepsakes to take home with them. 

how to make a dreamcatcher

It was also really nice seeing them hanging all over the grounds during the event!

how to make a hula hoop dreamcatcher

We hope you enjoy your new hula hoop dreamcatcher! 🙂  Please share this post with your hoop friends!

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