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If you truly want the best hula hoop online class, you need the woman I’m about to tell you about in your life.

As hooping becomes increasingly popular, more and more hoop classes are popping up every day, taught by people all over the world.  There are so many more styles to learn hula hoop dance now than there was when I started hooping.

But one hoop dance instructor who has been crucial to my hoop journey since I first started nearly six years ago?

Deanne Love.  

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Best Online Hula Hoop Class from Hooplovers

The reason I mention her so often on this website is because it’s so important that new hoopers find her and learn from her.  She is so instrumental in ensuring that you have the best, most satisfying and rewarding hoop journey you possibly can.

Why do I love Deanne so much?

She’s real.  She cares.  You can follow her on Instagram to see just how dedicated she is to that hoop life and interact with her as well.

She values my work as an advocate for all people of all body types, ages, and skill levels to join the magical world of hooping.  She makes everyone feel like they matter, including me.

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If it wasn’t for her showing me that support throughout the years, Ruby Hooping would absolutely not be what it is today.   She has always been such a huge inspiration to me which drives me to keep introducing hooping to as many people as I can.

So before you click on her site and think to yourself, “Oh she’s just another perfect skinny fitness instructor, she’s nothing like me”, I want you to know some things about Deanne Love.  

She is like you.  She’s fun and silly and down to earth and kind and creative.  She has her own struggles and insecurities just like you.

And she is a hoop lover.  She lives, breathes, and exudes hooping.  She lives to share that infectious energy with all of us.

Does she have a bangin’ bod and is she absolutely gorgeous and talented?  Yes. But don’t let that intimidate you.

She thinks all bodies are good.  And she thinks my hoop journey is every bit as important as hers.  She embraces all people and what we have to offer.

Hooping is evolving rapidly as it becomes more popular, so all different kinds of people are having an influence on hooping styles and trends.  Deanne Love both appreciates and embraces this while, at the same time, keeps things old school and simple.

All beginners need her 28-Day Starter Pack, which continues to be the best online hula hoop class available.  It covers foundational moves that are absolutely crucial to a well rounded hoop practice, while giving you ideas for creative freedom to incorporate new moves you may learn from your friends, Youtube tutorials, or see on Facebook.  She also has tons of free tutorials on Youtube which really expand on and compliment her paid courses very well.

Not only are you guaranteed to always get an amazing workout, but you will be learning a new skill that will increase your confidence more than you can imagine.

I thought about creating some online hula hoop classes myself, because I realize some of you would prefer to be taught by me (which I love and appreciate so much).  But I just haven’t been able to find the time yet.

My focus is on making sure everyone, including women with bodies like mine, know that they can learn to hoop dance.

Whereas, Deanne’s focus is on teaching hoop dance.  It’s her passion and she’s very good at it.  So you’re going to get the best possible experience learning from her.  That’s why her courses are the best hula hoop online classes out there.

Honestly, they are worth way more than she charges.  AND you get to keep them forever, so you can re-take them as many times as you want.

They are well worth the money, always a great workout, and will keep you busy and focused on learning hooping for a good long while.

So now that you know she’s legit, go take her beginner course.  You can take it 24/7 online from your living room.  

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Disclaimer: Ruby Hooping receives a small commission on each online course referred to Hooplovers.  You can purchase with full confidence that you are supporting our mission of inclusiveness and body positivity when you buy Hooplovers classes through our links.

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Deanne Love is amazing!


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