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Add Clear 3M Grip Tape


Level up to become the hooper of your dreams with the grippiest hoop tape on the planet!  This tape is soft to the touch and feels like tiny little teeth literally grabbing on to your body and holding the hoop right where you want it to stay!  Try this tape if you’re having trouble with things like waist hooping, leg and knee hooping, shoulder and chest hooping, and paddles and breaks!  However this tape is also very useful for doubles hooping!

Add this listing to your cart once for a single hoop or a pair of minis, and twice for a pair of doubles.

This tape works great on HDPE hula hoops, polypro hula hoops, and it’s especially awesome on LED hula hoops because it’s clear!

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**This is an add-on listing!  You should only add this listing to your cart if you also purchased a hula hoop.**


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