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Find your flow inside the sacred circle.  Choose a glittering shiny tape and a durable grip tape from our rainbow of colors!  These hoops are of substantial weight and size, perfect for the hooping beginner.

If you need a size other than the options listed, choose “custom” on Diameter below, and then  write us a note about what you want in the notes during checkout.

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If you are looking for the perfect beginner hula hoop, you’ve come to the right place.

At Ruby Hooping it is our passion to get folks excited about hula hooping, so we love helping beginners get started, no matter what size you are or how active you have been.  

Hula hooping is an excellent cardiovascular workout, and it improves muscle tone,  coordination, balance, and spine flexibility!   It’s sure to improve your mood as well! :D

There is no better or easier way for everyone to have fun, reduce stress, and burn major calories!  Take your hoop to the local gym, on your next trip to the beach, to a music concert or festival or just enjoy it in your own backyard!

Whether you want to learn the art of hoop dancing, or find a new activity that is a blast for the whole family, you should give hula hooping a try!

All of this and more is why hula hooping is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe all over again! 

All adult beginner hoops are made from 3/4″ diameter 100 psi PE tubing.  This tubing is heavy enough for beginners but hoopers of all levels enjoy it.  We recommend starting with a 38″ diameter if you are an average size adult.  If you want to read more in depth about what size beginner hula hoop you should get, check out our helpful guide!

If you need a larger size than what is listed here, check out our Upsize My Hoop option!  We pride ourselves on making hula hooping accessible to ALL bodies!

These hoops collapse down infinity-style to about 1/4 of their total size for convenient traveling!  Check out our blog post here about how to fold and unfold your infinity collapsible hoop.

To read about how to take care of your new hula hoop, click here.

If you want to take the best hula hoop online class, click here.

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Substitution Policy:

Rarely, we will need to use a different color of tape or tubing than what you purchased if we run out of the color you chose.  We reserve the right to do this at any time.  We will always try to find a similar color to what you chose.  If you do not want us to do this please write “no substitutions” in the notes during checkout on your order and we will notify you if we are out of a color so you can decide to wait until we get more or choose a different color. Also, when you order, you can write your backup color choices in the notes if you choose.

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16 reviews for Beginner Hula Hoop

  1. Molly Evans

    I absolutely love my hoop! It is the first hoop I have ever been able to actually hoop with! Thanks Linz!

    • rubyhooping

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  2. Amy Miller

    One word. LOVE! I have tried for years, with many failed attempts, to learn how to Hula Hoop but it just never worked for me! Then I bought a hoop from Lindsay and for the first time in my life, I can Hula Hoop!!! I was hesitant at first since it would always end badly before. But, the way she makes her hoops is totally unlike the store bought versions! I have 2 adult hoops and 2 child hoops and we love them! Great quality and a fun workout!

  3. Lexxi Cole

    I cannot even begin to explain how happy I am with my hoop. The product is not only beautiful & durable, but it’s so easy to work with to practice moves! The creator of my beautiful hoop was also so knowledgeable & answered any & all questions that I had (& i had a lot!). I recommend Ruby Hooping for any & all of your hooping needs!!

  4. Eyda

    I love my hoop! I asked for a custom “Tampa Bay Buccaneer” hoop and it is perfect. I will be using rubyhooping for all my future hooping needs, and I’m spreading the word to my festival buddies!

  5. Tara

    My hoop is beautiful! I love it so much and hooping has brought so much joy into my life! Thank you so much!

  6. Lauren S. (verified owner)

    I bought a beginner hoop during the early part of the pandemic. Rubyhoop was incredibly transparent about the wait times since everyone was picking up new hobbies! It came right on schedule and is so beautiful! It is exactly what I wanted and more. I followed Ruby’s sizing guide and picked a blue and purple color for the hoop. I am now a year into hooping and am so thankful for this beginner hoop, mama Ruby, and the hundreds of people who have been supportive of the trials of learning a new hobby on the Ruby Facebook page!

  7. Kyttie Smith

    I just got my beginner hoop and I absolutely love it! It was easy to open and comfortable in my hands. I was really nervous to begin hooping but following the 6 week course and utilizing my hoop has really helped me. I get better every day!!

  8. Adah B.

    Ruby hoops are quality made pieces that have withstood more than a year of amateur hula practice. Crafted in my favorite color, hooping has become my favorite exercise!

  9. Noelle (verified owner)

    This hoop is a must have for learning on body hooping. I absolutely love mine. Extremely well made and a wonderful quality hoop. Mama Ruby is extremely knowledgeable and super helpful with all my hooping needs. I highly recommend a Ruby Hoop.

  10. Katherine A. Sheehan

    Can’t say enough!! The beginner hoop set is awesome and I love love love Mama Ruby’s videos. I was a life long can’t hula hoop person and that is now firmly in the past! this is the most fun I’ve had in a while and good exercise too

  11. Christiane Richardson

    I purchased a large black 3/4 inch HDPE 48 inch hoop with blue grip tape. Its lovely. It definitely improved my waist hooping over the last month and adding the grip tap makes a world of difference.

  12. LaDonna

    I absolutely love my hoops! I got two beginner hoops that have really helped me on my hoop journey. I appreciated the professionalism, customer service and most of all love how the hoops are made. I tell everybody about Ruby Hooping!

  13. Sara

    This hoop changed my life! I have a bigger body and previously had a 40″ hoop but could never waist hoop with it for very long. I kept trying to learn how to hoop and had almost convinced myself that I was never going to be able to do it. But then, I found Ruby Hooping, and the guidance about larger hoops and ordered one. I named my 55″ hoop “Big Mama” and she and I went crazy together and now I can actually call myself a hooper. I have several other Ruby Hoops now, but Big Mama is so special to me because she helped me find my flow.

  14. Elizabeth V

    First time hooper so I ordered a 50 in diameter. Really good quality. I will say the area where the hoop attaches to the other hoop is bent inward. Tried fixing it but doesn’t really do much. Either way, it still works. I can still hoop with it and it’s been so much fun learning. Ruby has been great with getting back to you for any issues you may have. I actually had another one that showed up warped and she took care of me right away.

  15. Meri Lee

    I’m thrilled with my beginner hoop, which just arrived today! I’m old and fat, and could never even do a hoop when I was a kid. Never, ever — and I had a cool “shoop shoop hula hoop” but could never get it to stay up. (and I never realized, back then, what an utter failure at it I was, lol). But now I’m on one last-ditch fitness kick, and also looking to add some joy to my life. Some cool, young friends of mine are very into hooping, and I’ll be travelling to see them next month, so I decided to give it a try. I bought a hoop from Amazon, but – dang it – I can’t even get it to stay up for one revolution around my giant self. Desperation and google brought me to Ruby Hooping, and I quickly learned that while I’d bought an “adult” size on amazon, it still wasn’t big enough for me. (that one’s 37″) I ordered a 50″ from Ruby Hooping, and as I said it was just delivered today. The first couple of rushed attempts were met with more failure, but then I refreshed my memory from the Ruby “help” pages (STAND UP STRAIGHT!) and – yay me, I just came back from keeping it up for a good 4 or 5 revolutions!! So maybe I’m not hopeless, after all (unless that was a fluke, haha). The hoop itself feels like it’s great quality – nice and solid – and I love the way it folds up for storage / travel. I’m so excited; as soon as I post this I’m going to go give it another “spin”! Highly recommended to anyone who’s considering buying! *****

  16. Jessica (verified owner)

    I am beyond pleased with my purchases!!!

    I am brand new to hooping and after numerous failed attempts with cheap chain store hoops, I became so discouraged I almost gave up. I just couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong when everyone else made it look so easy. A search online led me to discover Mama Ruby. Through her I have learned so much, especially how the size of the hoop makes all the difference. Using her easy sizing guide I was able to make the correct purchase. I ordered two hoops, one to match my waist size and one a little smaller for when my skills improve! Mama Ruby was communicative, kind and responsive throughout my ordering.

    The only hard part was waiting for my hoops to arrive! But please believe me when I say the wait is very much worth it. Mama Ruby handcrafts each hoop with precision and high quality materials. Customization was easy and fun. My hoops are GORGEOUS.

    Best of all within twenty minutes of using my larger hoop I was actually finally able to HULA HOOP. I never thought I would be able to do it! At first I was doubtful the hoop was too big, but it is PERFECT for me. Mama Ruby truly knows her stuff! I know with daily practice my skills will improve, but my happiness went through the roof when I made my first consecutive ten spins! With cheaper hoops I could not even complete one rotation around my hips no matter how hard I tried. Mama Ruby’s hoops are weighted and balanced perfectly. The tape used is both functional and pretty.

    My younger sister grabbed my other hoop and was quickly able to do it as well! She was so happy because like me she was never able to hula hoop until now. She was able to get 12 spins in a row within MINUTES of first trying.

    Mama Ruby, I can’t thank you enough! I am only on day two of hooping with my new beauties and I can really feel the workout I am getting in my core. My confidence to lose weight is high! Finally, something to make exercising entertaining instead of a daily chore. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making hooping very fun and very possible for every size of person! I am definitely ordering from you again in the future and recommending you to everyone I know. Bless you, Mama Ruby!

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