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Don’t you dare let anyone ever tell you that bigger isn’t better!  Big hoops rule in the Ruby Hooping queendom!

Whether you are a brand new hooper or have been hooping for years, and whether you are a bigger lady like our owner Linz or have a petite frame, everyone needs a big hoop in their collection!!

These hoops move slowly, allowing your body the freedom to move, dance, and learn without constantly worrying about the hoop falling down!

All of our Big Mama Hula Hoops are constructed using 3/4″ 100psi PE tubing.  This is a great moderately weighted tubing perfect for BIG body rocking hoops!

This listing is specifically for a budget-priced, basic black hoop with brightly colored grip tape.  If you want a hoop with some bling, opt for our beginner hoop instead (it comes in big mama sizes).

To order, simply choose your diameter and one color of grip tape which we will spiral around the hoop!


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These hoops are extremely durable and perfect for exercise and weight loss, as well as general hoop practice.  They would also be a great option to buy in bulk for the whole family or class!  (If you want to buy more than 5, send us a message to discuss a discounted price!)  These hoops are collapsible down to about 1/4 of their total size for easy travel and carrying!  Go here to see a video on how these hoops collapse.

For help figuring out what size hula hoop you should get, including diameter and tubing, check out these helpful articles below.  When it comes to big hoops though, BIGGER IS BETTER!  You can’t go wrong with a big mama 🙂

What Size Hula Hoop Should I Get?

Tubing Types Used for Making Hula Hoops

If you’d rather have a fancier Big Mama hoop made with shiny tape, we suggest purchasing a Beginner Hoop or Custom Taped Hoop and then adding the Upsize My Hoop option!

5 reviews for Big Mama Hula Hoop

  1. Lara

    I LOVE my Big Mama hoop! If you think you can’t hoop, but really want to… this is the hoop for you!


    I ordered my first big mama hoop from mama ruby earlier in the pandemic – TOTAL LIFESAVER!!!!!! the hoop is well made, and the perfect size and weight! if you’ve tried hooping before and felt like you just couldn’t get it – TRUST ME!! the big mama hoop is where it’s at!

  3. Rachel (verified owner)

    This hoop is the perfect beginner hoop for a bigger body (or just someone who wants a big ol’ hoop!). The taping was well done and trust me, it can withstand many falls to the floor or smashes into walls without serious damage 😉 I am so, so grateful that Ruby Hooping exists and helps encourage plus size people to give hooping a try and makes hoops available that are large enough for a plus size true beginner to get started without frustration that would come from trying to learn with a too small hoop. Without this hoop, I would never have gotten into the fun of hooping!

  4. Ramona

    My favorite hoops are the big beginner hoops and Mama Ruby’s Big Mama hoop is perfect! Sturdy, well made, with great colors of tape to choose from. I highly recommend purchasing this to help you get started on your hoop journey. Or, if you’re a hoop veteran like me, then get this hoop! You can never have too many hoops! 😉

  5. Genevieve Gilbert (verified owner)

    It was my first hoop and I loved it! I purchased it with the 6 week course and while I haven’t completed the course, I still use the hoop! I have never hooped before and this really helped me get the hang of it!

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