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DIY Hula Hoop Dreamcatcher Kit


Here’s a great new way to add beauty to the world while being environmentally conscious.  We are always looking for ways to reduce and reuse our materials so that we are creating as little waste as possible.

Included in this kit is one mini hula hoop, riveted shut, and enough yarn to create your dreamcatcher web.

Since we create the mini hoops for these out of leftover tubing, we cannot guarantee which tubing you will get, but please leave us a note during checkout letting us know which colors are your favorites and we will try our best to accommodate you!  You can also request UV-reactive yarn and tubing!

Regardless, you’re going to get something beautiful and colorful, because we don’t work with any other kind of materials around here. 🙂

Make sure to bookmark out How To Guide to learn how to create your dreamcatcher’s web!



You can do all sorts of things with hula hoop dreamcatchers!  Roll them across your body, or tie yarn to them and spin them like poi!  The possibilities are endless with this fun and easy craft.


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