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Fire Wicks for Hula Hoops


Ready to take your hula hoop experience to the next level?  Try our brand new fire wicks!  Ruby Hooping has teamed up with a long standing fire flow toy manfacturer to bring you these expertly crafted wicks!

These fire wicks are removable and can be attached to your favorite hoop to create a blazing ring of fire.  This will be the most intense rush of your life!

Please keep in mind these do not come with a hoop.  If you need a hoop to go with your wicks, we recommend a colored HDPE hoop!

Wicks are sold individually. We think 4 or 5 is a great number of wicks to put on your hoop!



These hula hoop fire wicks are of the highest quality available for detachable fire wicks on the market today.  They are made from all stainless steel parts, high performance kevlar wick and only take a few minutes to attach. They attach to just about any type of tubing up to 3/4″ O.D.

The folded wick design allows for maximum burn time without the added weight of too much wick. This wick design also allows the wick to spin freely around the cable, thus dramatically increasing the lifespan of your wicks!


•made from rust resistant stainless steel
•flexible yet sturdy cable spine design
•measures 5″ long from hoop to edge of spine
•LIFETIME warranty on manufacturing
•Comes with free tool
•Wicks sold individually


Our wicks are universal and will fit 5/8″ and 3/4″ tubing in HDPE or polypro as well as 1/2″ ID PE tubing.  Please be sure to accurately measure the OD of your tubing. For instance, 160 PSI black tubing from Lowes is advertised as 3/4″ OD, when in reality it is approx. 1.1″ OD.  We recommend using 3/4″ OD HDPE or polypro for your fire hoop!

Please make sure to follow all proper safety procedures before attempting any type of fire dance. Click here for a great resource for fire safety.  You can also join this Facebook group for fire safety discussion.

Enjoy this video of Linz with five wicks on her 38″ 3/4″ HDPE hoop!


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