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Flash Sale – HDPE Hoops!


I am making room for new stock so I put my current colors on sale!  Get one now at the best price you’ll ever see!!!

You will love these hoops!  They are extremely responsive to your body’s every move.  Open yourself up to a whole new world of hooping possibilities!  Whether you are a brand new hooper, or you’ve been hooping for a decade, this is a must in every hooper’s collection.  These hoops are also a great choice for children, because they are much lighter weight than our standard adult beginner hoops.  Grip tape added for free!

If this is your first hdpe hoop and you aren’t sure what diameter to choose, pick something between 2-4 inches smaller than your beginner hoop, and make sure to select 3/4″ tubing.

SKU: 1003-1-1


Our Lightweight HDPE Hula Hoops are made of either 3/4″ OD (outer diameter) or 5/8″ OD HDPE tubing which is a light, durable material.   3/4″ is a little bit thicker and well suited for all skill levels.  5/8″ tubing is skinnier and even lighter, making it lightning fast and mostly preferred by super duper advanced hoopers!




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