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Go Getter Hula Hoop Starter Pack

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Are you ready to hit the ground running with your newfound love of hula hooping?  Do you want to make sure you have every hoop you could possibly need right from the get go to ensure a rich and diverse hoop practice?  This listing is the most affordable way to get the three most important items you will need to get started.  Here’s what you get:

One big beginner hoop, taped with gorgeous sparkly tape and plenty of grip, for learning on-body stuff such as waist hooping, leg hooping, and shoulder and chest hooping.

One dance practice hoop, made of smooth colorful HDPE tubing, which is a bit smaller and lighter weight, perfect for learning tons of hula hoop tricks and dance moves, including both on and off body.

One set of minis made from our smooth white tubing, with colorful matching grip tape.  These will give you an opportunity to begin exploring the wonderful world of two hoops.

You get a total of FOUR hoops!!!

Choose the color scheme you like best from the drop down menu.

If you want to further customize your colors or sizes, feel free to leave us a note during checkout!

You should choose your overall size based on your waist measurement. Scroll down to “Description” for more info on sizing.

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We have arranged these hoop packages into the proper sizes based on your body type.   Below are the exact hoops you will receive based on which size you choose.

SMALL- 36″ Beginner Hoop, 32″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis*

MEDIUM-38″ Beginner Hoop, 34″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis

LARGE-42″ Beginner Hoop, 36″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis

X-LARGE-44″ Beginner Hoop, 38″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis

2X-50” Beginner Hoop, 38” Dance Practice Hoop, and 21” Minis

3X-55” Beginner Hoop, 38” Dance Practice Hoop, and 21” Minis

You should base your choice off of what size beginner hoop you need.  Above, you will find our quick size guide for beginner hoops. If you would like a different size than what is listed, please choose the closest size in the menu and write us a note during checkout. 

*Please note that the size of the minis do not change in each package because since they are only used for off-body movements, they are not dependent on the size of your body. Also, the dance hoop will be primarily used for off body tricks for 2X and 3X, so there is no need to make it larger than 38”.


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Substitution Policy:

Rarely, we will need to use a different color of tape or tubing than what you purchased if we run out of the color you chose.  We reserve the right to do this at any time.  We will always try to find a similar color to what you chose.  If you do not want us to do this please write “no substitutions” in the notes during checkout on your order and we will notify you if we are out of a color so you can decide to wait until we get more or choose a different color. Also, when you order, you can write your backup color choices in the notes if you choose.

5 reviews for Go Getter Hula Hoop Starter Pack

  1. Lisa grabill

    This kit started my love for hooping over 4 years ago. Having the different sizes is a plus! Giving you a chance to grow in your hoop journey. These hoops are well made and very durable. I travel with my collapsible all the time. It’s nice to have a big hoop to take to the park and be able to fold it down.

  2. Sarah Clark (verified owner)

    I got the beginner set in purple and I love it! The colors are bright and beautiful. The hoops are easy and so fun to use. I have everything I need to try out all the tricks and dance all day. If you want to be able to try a bit of everything then this is the set for you! Bonus: if you have two small kids who are also going to want to try hand tricks when you are trying hand tricks the little hoops are perfect, one for each of them.

  3. Dot Mitchell (verified owner)

    I seriously love my new hoops! The tape job on the beginner hoop is beautiful and so sparkly!! It’s easy to keep up and still light enough to play with some. I use it all the time. I was a little worried the dance hoop would be too small for me to keep up on my waist, but it didn’t take long for me to get to the point that it is now my go-to hoop for dancing. I still haven’t learned how to use the twin hoops, but they look great. Shipping can take a little bit longer than some places because she makes this set new and customized for you and then it ships, but totally worth the wait.

  4. Allison Hogue

    I. Love. These. Hoops. This package was *such* a great way to introduce myself to hooping (as was Mama Ruby’s Six Week Beginner Hoop Course)! Plus, Mama is amazing — if you’re not following her on social media, you should be. Her Instagram is @rubyhooping!

  5. Ashleigh Whiting

    My Go-Getter set is awesome! The teal color is so pretty. The hoops came perfectly packaged and shipping was fast. The grippy tape helps the hoops stay on my body which is great for beginning to learn hooping for the first time since childhood. I also purchased the 6 week video course with my hoops and it has been so helpful. Mama Ruby has done so well to bring such quality products to the plus size hoopong community and I can’t wait to purchase more from her!

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