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Goldilocks Polypro Hula Hoop


Goldilocks polypro tubing is 11/16″ inches thick, making it the perfect compromise between the usual sizes available in hula hoop tubing, the thicker moderately weighted 3/4″ and the lighter, thinner 5/8″.  Goldilocks tubing is not too big, not too small!  Not too heavy, not too light.  This is a MUST for every hula hooper’s collection!

Right now this tubing is only available in clear.  It looks great with colorful grip tape!

If you would prefer a blinged out taped goldilocks hoop, click here.

Create your perfect new goldilocks hoop by choosing your diameter and grip tape and style.



These hoops have a rivet & spring-button connection and can be easily coiled down to make them more manageable when traveling.  Click here for an instructional video.

If you would like to read more about the various tubings we use, please look at our article on Types of Tubing Used for Making Hula Hoops.

If you’d like a polypro hoop in 3/4″ or 5/8″ tubing instead, click here.

If you’d rather have a beginner hoop, click here!

If you prefer HDPE, click here!

Try our Hoop Wax for extra grip!


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