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Hoop Dance & Fitness Class


Experience a hula hoop fitness and dance class for a workout like nothing you’ve ever imagined.  And that’s just the beginning.

This listing is for a 6-week class meeting once per week on Monday nights at the Peace Tree Center in Barboursville, WV at 5:45 to 6:56pm starting Jan 9, 2017.

6 classes for only $50!

Hoop dance is a form of meditation, expression, ritual, therapy, and exercise.  It will improve not only your balance, coordination, strength, and overall fitness level, but also and give you an outlet to express the beautiful person you are.

This workshop will focus on learning and improving basic hula hoop moves such as hooping around your waist in both directions, hooping around your shoulders and legs, and some basic off body movements such as weaves, isolations, and body passes.

While this class is completely suitable for the total beginner, we can also offer advanced curriculum for more experienced hoopers!

Students who wish to continue after this 6 week workshop will be given the opportunity to sign up for the next workshop which will start one or two weeks after the first six week session.  I will cater to your skill level to ensure you continue to grow as a hooper!

Also when you take a hoop class, you get to meet other hoopers and grow in your chosen flow art together.   You will make friends and everyone will learn from each other!  You will also be invited to hoop jams at Ruby Hooping headquarters and have many opportunities to become part of a beautiful hooping community of amazing people that is always growing to include new like minded souls.

Hula hooping creates communities of confident, vibrant and healthy people!  This is how we change the world, folks.  We hula hoop.

Not even kidding.

**Make sure to use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP during checkout so our website will remove the flat rate shipping charges that appear.**

**Make sure to read all info below before checking out.**





This package is for six Mondays starting Jan 9, 2017.  If we cancel a class due to weather we will extend the workshop by one week to make up the lost class.

**Make sure to use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP during checkout so our website will remove the flat rate shipping charges that appear.**

Location: PeaceTree Center, 5930 Mahood Drive, Huntington, WV

If you need to borrow a hoop to use in class, no problem!  Linz always brings extras!

If you’d like to buy a hoop of your own, go here for our Beginner Hoops!

Can’t wait to meet you and hoop our cares away!



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