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Classic 12-Light Rainbow LED Hula Hoop

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Twelve lights is the perfect amount for this rainbow hoop, because each color is found directly across from itself on the hoop, creating a magical balance.  These lights have enough space between them to allow the colors to softly melt into each other resulting in detailed, gorgeous trails.

All of our hoops come with your choice of grip tape or sanding for free, as well as one battery and charger!

Our LED hula hoops make a great gift for children as well.

For grip tape, just choose your style and color. Grip tape helps keep the hoop from sliding down your body so you can spin all night! It will not impact the brightness of your hoop.

Don’t forget extra batteries so you can glow all night.

If you need help with sizing, scroll down.




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If you are a beginner, and/or want the most durable tubing possible, choose 3/4″ HDPE tubing.

Please keep in mind these are just guidelines.  If you are an intermediate or expert hooper, you probably know what personally works best for you, so please trust your own judgment.

Additional Info About Our LED Hula Hoops

Materials: These classic rainbow LED hula hoops are hand-made with 12 LEDs inside 3/4″ OD or 5/8″ lightweight HDPE or polypro tubing.

Construction: Our hoops are carefully constructed for durability and to eliminate rattling.  They also feature an inside connection with push button and an off switch.  No bulky outer cuff on our babies!  Also, the batteries we use are quite light and we have carefully weighted our hoops to ensure balance.

Battery Power: Each LED hula hoop operates on a single lithium ion rechargeable battery.  Your hoop purchase includes one battery and a charger.  We recommend that you purchase extra batteries so you can glow all night!  One fully charged battery will last for approximately 2 hours, depending on your hoop.  Click here to purchase extra batteries

Weight: While we can only estimate because each hoop is different depending on size, these hoops generally weigh about 8-16 ounces.

Warranty: We have extensively tested our hoops for durability, but we also include a one year warranty which covers the electronic aspects of your hoop with normal use.  You will receive an information sheet with your hoop with care instructions to ensure it has a long life.  Never allow your hoop to get wet or get sand or grit around the connection!  We usually put a piece of tape over the hoop’s connection point to seal it closed when hooping on the beach.

Turnaround & Shipping Time: Our turnover times are always posted on the front page of our website, but we usually don’t exceed 2-3 weeks.  Shipping time is usually 2 days via USPS Priority Mail.  If you would like to check the status of your order, you can message us on Facebook at any time and we will usually respond within 12 hours.

Check out these accessories for your new LED hula hoop!

To add ultra grippy, deliciously scented hoop wax to your cart, click here!

hula hoop wax

For absolute maximum grip and a little extra weight, click here to try 3m super grip instead.


Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs

7 reviews for Classic 12-Light Rainbow LED Hula Hoop

  1. Susan Shilling

    This was my first LED purchase and I am so glad I went with Ruby Hooping! I am pretty new to hula hooping so I drop it a lot but this hoop can totally handle it. The lights are so pretty and every time I use this hoop I feel like a super star! Thanks Linz. I will be buying more hoops from you and telling everyone I know. You just can’t beat this anywhere for the value and the price.

  2. Leslie

    I am in love work my LED hoop.. It had brought me so much joy and peace and it makes sweating seem fun. It’s very durable as I have thrown and dropped it in about 5 states.. Lol. I also rolled it into the ocean and it is fine. This is my second hoop from Lindsay.. And I’ll shop with no one else.

  3. Dina Dee

    I just got my hoop today and didn’t get a chance to use it much yet, but this purchase was so smooth!
    I was looking for an affordable LED but wanted a 40 inch hoop. (I kept seeing amazing reviews about, Ruby Hooping) so I asked and she delivered. This order was so seamless I never expected to have a custom LED so quickly!!
    I’ll update my review as soon as I get to play with it!!
    More hoop loving to come!

  4. Amanda S (verified owner)

    This hoop is so bight! Amazingly crafted this hoop has a prefect connection and doesn’t rattle or feel off balance in any way. You cannot tell that there is anything inside this hoop! My battery so far has lasted longer than 2 hours and even when it starts to dim it still looks great! Coils down very nicely. Shipped very quick and packaged great. I recommend this to anyone looking for an LED like this to fit their budget!

  5. Monica F.

    I am very pleased with my purchase. I recieved my LED the exact time it was supposed to arrive, and it was perfect! This is my first LED, and it’s more than i had expected. The lights are insanely bright, and the connection is clean. It is everything i wanted and more!

  6. Candice (verified owner)

    I just got my rainbow LED and I am already in love with it! It is very nice to hoop with – smooth, evenly weighted, no rattling or loose parts. Very nice craftsmanship – it is very sturdy and well put together. I am thrilled, thank you so much! Can’t wait to order another one!

  7. Cassandra

    The very first Ruby Hoop I ever owned and I still have her, and love her VERY much, 2 years later!!! GREAT quality work (smooth connection, no rattle, bright colors, evenly weighted) and an excellent value! She’s still just as beautiful as she was the day I opened her. (That’s us on our very first night together in the middle product pic above!! Look how happy we are together!!) She’s my favorite to hoop with at festivals and concerts!! 😉 I do recommend purchasing an extra battery if you intend to use it a lot (trust me, it’s worth it)! 😀

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