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Pair of HDPE Doubles

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Silky smooth, lightweight, and so responsive they may just hear your thoughts.  If you are interested in taking your hoop journey to the next level, give a beautiful pair of our lightweight HDPE doubles a try!

Click here if you’re looking for minis instead.

Try our Hoop Wax for extra grip!

Our colors are extra special and usually limited in quality.  We keep this listing as up to date as possible on a daily basis.

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Pictured: Anna Benjamin at the 2019 Ruby Retreat.  Photo by Toastography

All of our doubles pairs are made of either 3/4″ OD (outer diameter) or 5/8″ OD HDPE tubing which is a lightweight, durable material.  3/4″ is a little bit thicker and well suited for all skill levels.  5/8″ tubing is skinnier and even lighter, making it lightning fast and mostly preferred by super duper advanced hoopers!

Our tubing colors are always changing as we stock new stuff, so check the picture and drop down above to see what colors we currently have.

If you would like to read more about HDPE material, please look at our article on Types of Tubing Used for Making Hula Hoops.  We really love HDPE even more than polypro!

These hoops have a rivet & spring-button connection and can be easily coiled down and reconnected to make them more manageable when traveling.

To add gorgeous iridescent see-through tape to your hoops, click the image below after adding your doubles pair to your cart.

color changing see through tape

8 reviews for Pair of HDPE Doubles

  1. Kalie Jo

    LOVE THEM!!!’

  2. Cacky

    Lindsay’s hoops are always made to absolute perfection! I love my new twins 😀

  3. Tyler Windro

    I purchased a set of these doubles for my girlfriend. She was absolutely thrilled! She loves the weight and feel of the HDPE material over polypro. Good customer service and fast shipping. Thanks Linz!

  4. Bree Kownacki

    Lindsay’s hoops are by far my favorite hoops that I own! The hdpe hoops she has made for me have allowed me to learn so many new tricks. They have such a great feel to them! Her connections are so clean and there are so many pretty colors to choose from. Also she always ships them on time! I love Ruby Hooping!

  5. Carolyn C. Vento (verified owner)

    Love my hoops!!! Your craftsmanship is amazing, the lines are so straight and the push button makes them perfect to coil up for travel! I love the colors, I picked glow yellow and just inside tape, and then a raspberry sorbet wrapped in Nuclear Bubblegum tape with inside grip tape. They are perfect for me and I will always bring my (and any friend who inquire) HDPE orders your way!!!!

  6. Tara (verified owner)

    I bought my doubles in Jade and Ocean and had Linz cover them with sunset indigo tape and boy they are pretty!!!! So smooth, so well made and the connections are flawless!!! They are perfect for Isos! Once again I am sooo happy!!!

  7. Diane (verified owner)

    I love my doubles so much. 5/8s in Ruby Red and Aquamarine Dream, both gorgeous colours. Craftsmanship is great, and they travel very well coiled up. I find myself grabbing for these two hoops more than any others. They’ve stood up to a good amount of use so far.
    They also got up to Canada faster than I expected, which is awesome. I’ll be buying note!

  8. Christina Dodson (verified owner)

    OMG Get all the hoops from Linz! I love my doubles, connection is flawless, the HDPE tubing is amazing! The color choices, so may choices lol they are all beautiful. 🙂

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