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Pair of Polypro Minis


For the minis hooper who loves polypro!  Polypro is lightweight like our HDPE, but feels a little bouncier and softer. We think it’s a good idea to have different kinds of hula hoops in your collection!

We only keep a few limited edition colors in stock of polypro at any given time, so make sure you grab one of these gorgeous babies up ASAP!

You may choose grip tape or sanding for free as well.

Try our Hoop Wax for extra grip!

SKU: 2345


If you would like to read more about the various tubings we use, please look at our article on Types of Tubing Used for Making Hula Hoops.

If you’d rather have a beginner hoop, click here!

If you prefer HDPE, click here!

Photo featuring Dagny Sanche, taken by Stephanie T. Photography.


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