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Yes, Ruby Hooping has polypro hula hoops!  Polypro is lightweight like our HDPE, but feels a little bouncier and softer.  We think it’s a good idea to have different kinds of hula hoops in your collection!

We only keep a few limited edition colors in stock of polypro at any given time, so make sure you grab one of these gorgeous babies up ASAP!

As always, these hoops coil down via an easy to use push button connection.  You may choose grip tape or sanding for free as well.

If you’d like to buy two polypro hula hoops, click here for the doubles listing!


SKU: 2345


These hoops have a rivet & spring-button connection and can be easily coiled down to make them more manageable when traveling.  Click here for an instructional video.

If you would like to read more about the various tubings we use, please look at our article on Types of Tubing Used for Making Hula Hoops.

If you’d rather have a beginner hoop, click here!

If you prefer HDPE, click here!

Try our Hoop Wax for extra grip!

4 reviews for Polypro Hula Hoop

  1. sheina

    I recently got a wintergreen polypro and I am in love with it! I’m a beginner and I was having a hard time practicing off-body and hand tricks with the large weighted hoop, so Linz recommended this and it is perfect. It’s light and springy and doesn’t kill my wrists, plus it just feels good in the hands 🙂 Linz was great at helping me choose the right product and the hoop arrived very quickly. Highly recommend!

  2. Jen

    Love my Ruby Hoop Poly! It’s bouncy and beautiful and so marvelously crafted. Always a happy customer when I order from Linz

  3. Kami Lehman

    I Love my new Polypro! I had an issue with my hoop, and Lindsay was super quick to respond within an hour by e-mail. Great Customer Service. Quality Hoops. I will never buy from anyone else. The connections are PERFECTION.

  4. Caitlin

    I have three of these hoops and they are my favorite ever purchased! Mamma Ruby always puts the finest craftsmanship and all the love into every hoop! This is where all of my hoops will be purchased from now on!

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