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Every hooper needs a rainbow hula hoop!

Over the years we have developed three awesome rainbow hula hoop designs.  All of them feature a combo of decorative tape and bright UV grip tape.

Rainbow Brite – features a strip of bright white tape which glows in the dark

Love Wins – created to celebrate diversity and features a strip of gorgeous rainbow sheen silver decorative tape

Ruby Rainbow Deluxe – features orange, purple and green sparkle tape accented by the other colors of the rainbow in grip tape

Just choose your preferred tubing and diameter.

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If you aren’t sure what size hula hoop you need, and are a total beginner, make sure to read these two articles:

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3 reviews for Rainbow Hula Hoop

  1. Courtney Barnett

    Literally in love with my Rainbow Deluxe hoop!!!!!! Thank you!

  2. Emma

    Omg rainbows give me life! My love wins hoop is amazingggg. Thank you for supporting diversity also

  3. Marilyn -AKA SpinDizzy!

    I have quite a few Ruby hoops! but my Rainbow hoop is my most favorite! 4 years later it’s still so pretty and it hasn’t lost it shape. My Ruby LEDS also sparkle like they are brand new! Thank you, Linz… for all the love you put into making hoops. Ruby hoops are the only hoops i’ll ever buy!

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