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Ultimate #RubyFam Combo Package


If you are fully committed to starting your hoop journey off right, this is the package for you!  This package includes our Go Getter Hula Hoop Starter Pack and our Six Week Beginner Hula Hoop Challenge for All Body Types, bundled together to save you money!

You get a full six-weeks of instruction in hula hoop dance for all body types, taught 100% by Mama Ruby, our founder! This course is perfect for the absolute beginner or anyone who feels like they would like to gain a broad understanding of hula hoop moves and flow.

You get seven videos per week for six full weeks of hula hoop dance instruction, covering all of the basics including waist hooping, leg, hip, chest, and shoulder hooping, and tons of tricks and dance moves as well. You also get lifetime support from me, my team, and the whole #Rubyfam community!

To complete this course, you will need a large on-body beginner style hoop as well as a lighter weight, medium size hoop.  With the release of this course, I am offering deep discounts on my Go Getter Starter Pack set of 4 hula hoops for anyone who purchases them with my new course!  It has everything you need to get started!! 

These Go Getter sets come with a large beginner hoop, a lighter weight medium hoop, and a pair of doubles!  I will be adding a bonus lesson to the course soon to get you started on spinning twin hoops soon as well.  Remember, you have access to all future updates!

When you purchase this combo package, I will manually add you into the course as a new student as soon as I get your order! Your hoops will be then lovingly crafted and shipped out promptly!

If you buy the Six Week Challenge and the Go Getter Starter Pack separately, it would be over $200!  Save yourself some hard earned cash and add this combo package to your cart!

Remember, this price WILL NOT LAST!!!



Size Guide for Go Getter Starter Pack

We have arranged these hoop packages into the proper sizes based on your body type.   Below are the exact hoops you will receive based on which size you choose.

SMALL- 36″ Beginner Hoop, 32″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis*

MEDIUM-38″ Beginner Hoop, 34″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis

LARGE-42″ Beginner Hoop, 36″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis

X-LARGE- 44″ Beginner Hoop, 38″ Dance Practice Hoop, and 21″ Minis

2X-50” Beginner Hoop, 38” Dance Practice Hoop, and 21” Minis

3X-55” Beginner Hoop, 38” Dance Practice Hoop, and 21” Minis

You should base your choice off of what size beginner hoop you need. See our size guide below. If you would like a different size than what is listed, please choose the closest size in the menu and write us a note during checkout. 

*Please note that the size of the minis do not change in each package because since they are only used for off-body movements, they are not dependent on the size of your body. Also, the dance hoop will be primarily used for off body tricks for 2X and 3X, so there is no need to make it larger than 38”.

Here is our quick size guide for beginner hoops. 

what size hula hoop should i get

My Six Week Beginner Hula Hoop Challenge for All Bodies online course covers the whole foundation of hula hoop dance including:

  • waist and hip hooping
  • leg and knee hooping
  • shoulder and chest hooping
  • tons of tricks and dance moves
  • instruction on building your own unique flow

Additional Features of My New Course:

  • Available for stream or download 24/7
  • Access from any of your devices
  • Lifetime access to the course
  • Free future updates to the course as I continue to add to it
  • Lifetime support from me, my team, and the whole #RubyFam
  • Take at your own pace, in your own home

Substitution Policy:

Rarely, we will need to use a different color of tape or tubing than what you purchased if we run out of the color you chose.  We reserve the right to do this at any time.  We will always try to find a similar color to what you chose.  If you do not want us to do this please write “no substitutions” in the notes during checkout on your order and we will notify you if we are out of a color so you can decide to wait until we get more or choose a different color. Also, when you order, you can write your backup color choices in the notes if you choose.


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