The Sacred Geometry of the Hula Hoop

by Caroline Krueger

Ruby Hooping is honored and excited to share this guest post today by our friend and well-loved hooper and writer, Caroline Krueger!  We asked her to express some thoughts on the sacred geometry of the hula hoop and she delivered something so poetic and elegant you simply must read it yourself.

the sacred geoThe circle is the fundamental geometry by which all matter comes into existence.  Not one particle, atom or molecule came into being without aligning itself upon the invisible network of circles we call the Flower of Life.

This pattern of circles is simple, self-replicating, and fractal.  It holds true at all levels, from the microscopic and beyond, to govern heavenly bodies, galaxies, and entire universes.  It is that which contains all the dimensions.  It is the framework which enables vibration to coalesce into matter.  Is it any wonder that we find our plastic circles to be so esoteric?

There is a reason you feel so magical when you are with the hoop.  It is because the hoop is a tangible manifestation of the Flower of Life.  The purpose of the hoop is to connect you with your divine nature.  It is a key to open doors within yourself.  You may be unaware of it or lack the vocabulary to express this feeling, but doubtless you have experienced it if you’ve ever played with this ubiquitous and unassuming circle.

Have you ever watched someone executing a clean isolation, or admired the line of a perfect roll?  It seems effortless and enchanting.  Those planes and lines exist independently of the dancer, who simply guides the hoop in these patterns as if on an invisible and infinitely variable track, greased with Love.

With practice, you may find yourself tuning into your flow and creating shapes and geometries and patterns with your hoop that fill you with a sense of light and amazement.  You think about the person you were before and realize that the hoop + you = something new.  This is much more than a human dancing around with a piece of plastic.  The moving meditation has quieted your mind, washed it clean of all the pre-programmed garbage we subscribe to, and created a space within you for dialogue with eternity.

What does that circle remind you of?  When you do the rising sun, do you feel your connection to the sun?  Can you see the Aristotelian ideal of a perfect circle in your mind’s eye when you isolate?   Do you sometimes feel like a beautiful wobbly planet orbiting through space?  Do you dance like a cat, or a bug?  Do you see your creatorhood, your connection to flowers, when you spin the hoop?  Do you feel rooted to that earth beneath your feet?  Can you feel your heart pumping out your unique aura, making it brighter and brighter until finally, the whole world can see it?

The natural world is a blueprint for success, and the instructions are written in the circles.  We are meant to thrive.  You feel it when you open your heart, and the hoop can teach you how.  Civilization, capitalism and Western culture insist that we engage in all manner of competitive activity to suppress our inner wisdom and lead ourselves against all that is sacred down a path that ends with self immolation.  What you are holding in your hand is not just a circle.  It is a tool, and you are an agent of the Geometric Revolution.

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caroline kruegerGuest Author Caroline Krueger is an agent of geometry.  She currently resides in the heart of the Canadian wilderness where she nurtures a deeply spiritual relationship with nature, hula hoops and her community.  She has been performing for three years with A Muse Troupe and also teaches hoop dance at her local high school.

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