Specialty Hoops

by Mama Ruby

We love bright colors that evoke warm, happy moods, because that’s exactly what hula hoops are all about!  All of these hoops are collapsible for travel.  You can view the video on how to collapse our hoops here.  Please specify what diameter you would like in the “Special Instructions to the Seller” section during checkout.  If you do not specify, we will ship our standard beginner size, 38″.

[one_third]groovy daydreams custom hula hoopenchanted forest custom hula hoopblue raspberry custom hula hoopjuicy fruit custom hula hooprainbow brite custom hula hoopbejeweled custom hula hoopbeginner hula hoop



Groovy Daydreams

A bright and whimsical paisley accented with sunshine yellow, teal and sparkling orange!  Sure to turn heads everywhere!    

 Just $34.99!   



 Enchanted Forest

Crafted with UV reactive neon green grip tape and elegant paisley fabric, this hoop glows with the magic of the forest.    

Yours for $34.99!    




Indulge in the sweetness of summer with this delicious hoop, featuring tie-dye sparkle and raspberry sequins.             

Only $34.99! 



Juicy Fruit

Made with coral sequins and our new sunburst color changing tape, this hoop will transport you to paradise.     

Only $34.99!



Rainbow Brite

This hoop lights up the night!  A rainbow of UV reactive grip tape and a white glossy strip that glows in the dark!         
Only $34.99! 




This hoop’s dazzling array of jewel-like colors will make you feel like you just discovered a secret treasure chest!      

Only $34.99!



Neon Sunset

This hoop features the many hues of a glorious summer sunset, and it also glows under a black light!                              

Yours for $34.99!



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