Stagnant Flow: Hula Hooping Yourself Out of a Low

by Aurora Stephanie
Part of our experience as humans is that there are many ebbs and flows as we grow. We cycle through patterns of motivation and stagnation. Whether we are in a tough place emotionally, mentally, or physically, there are many ways we experience lows within our flow. You may experience times where you feel that your flow isn’t growing, or that your creativity is stifled.  Here is a list of the most effective ways to ways to push past through your funk and open up new realms of passion and expression through troubling times.

1. Start your day with activity.

When I found myself working three jobs, I had no energy to hoop when I would come home from work. I started setting my alarm an hour earlier in the morning before work to get in hoop time. I love my sleep, so this can always be a struggle. Every. Single. Day.

So, starting with some big mama hooping would get me moving and warmed up for intense play! Starting your day with physical activity gives you energy and helps you to be more focused mentally.

If the idea of waking up an hour early to hula hoop every morning feels daunting to you, start off with something you know you can commit to.  Try picking one day a week to get up and spin your circle. The first day of your work week is a great choice because you will start your week off right and set the tone for the entire week!

2. Make time when you are not motivated.

It’s too easy to put aside our flow and make excuses why we simply do not have time or energy to fit some circle time into our day. When we are used to dancing for an hour or more, the idea of putting that time together during low points is difficult.

Cut back your self expectations of what it means to set time aside each day. Set a goal to flow for just one song each day! 3-4 minutes seems much more achievable than an hour. You may end up finding that 1 song can turn into 3 or 4 very easily.

Ensure you get your hoop time in by bringing your hoop everywhere you go.  You don’t know when the opportunity to hoop will strike!

3. Work through emotional blocks.

When we feel anger and frustration, our flow can become choppy and stiff. You’re having trouble accessing your flow state and everything just feels off. This is the perfect time to focus on tricks you know you need to drill more, or pull out that list of tricks you still want to learn!

While flowing is wonderful, the way we improve our flow is to take the time to practice and drill.  Use times when flow comes less easily to focus on this important aspect of your hoop practice.

Focus your brain on the task of understanding something new and working in an unfamiliar place instead of trying to find happiness.

Drilling moves is an important part of connecting to your hoop as an extension of your body that is often overlooked. You may just unlock something new that will give you a feeling of pride to help replace your frustration.

4. Learn to deal with being stuck on repeat.

Every hooper is well acquainted with the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Every time you start to dance with your hoop, your muscle memory kicks in and you find yourself doing the same moves in the same order, over and over.

This doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience!  It’s actually a great opportunity to push your boundaries and expand your flow.

Ask yourself: what is your flow style’s natural opposite?  Try hooping in a style that is completely different from what you naturally gravitate toward. For example, if you are a trick based hooper, try exploring a dance style of expression.  If you are usually more of a dance based hooper, create a list of new tricks to drill instead.

If you normally only use one hoop, try your hand at spinning doubles!

It will feel really weird and uncomfortable at first, exploring an aspect of hooping that you’ve mostly avoided – but try to just lose yourself in the new experience and don’t overthink it.  You are amazing! Your unique self expression can be harnessed and bring extra elements of emotion to your flow style.

It’s also a great idea to push your comfort zone in other ways.  If you usually hoop alone, try hooping with others.  You’ll be amazed at how fresh your flow will feel after being around the energy of other flow artists.

5. Show love to your circles.

Losing passion and feeling lost can be disheartening. Surrender to those feelings, but remember that your hoop is always at your side waiting for you! Take some time to sit and meditate with your hoops. Think of the joy that they bring you and the many changes you have felt as a person from the love that circle has created.

Then create a flow specifically in appreciation of your hoop. Focus your movements on caressing your hoop, sharing space with it, and moving in a way that emphasizes your gratitude for having found your flow arts.

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happi April 4, 2022 - 5:59 am

i had never read this all before- and it is So Timely, so WONDERFUL! Thank You so much for the Time U spent, putting these helpful, caring recommendations in print!!✨✌


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