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#TeamRuby helps promote our mission which is to tell the world about the healthy happy habit of hula hooping! 

Dagny Sanche / Citrus Circles

Dagny of Citrus Circles was first dazzled by hooping at Shambhala, but was unable to let it stop at that… The relationship has blossomed to full blown passion. Now, she offers hoopdance group classes and private lessons for beginners and performances within Alberta, Canada. Her goal is to teach others in a way that helps them to discover joy in the process of learning which crosses over into everyday life, and also to share her adoration of the hoop with performing.  Connect with her on YoutubeFacebook, and Instagram!

Jackie Adams / Jackie Spins Hoops

Jackie Adams is a curvy hooping super star, and been a member of the Ruby Hooping family since November 2014. She is from the midwest in Springfield, MO, and grew up with one sister who introduced her to hooping in late 2013, even gave her, her first hoop! A little apprehensive at the age of 32 when she found the circle, she excelled and now is an inspiration to thousands! She has never had a dance class of any kind or formal training and the movement she exhibits in her flow are stunning!!  Jackie just recently graduated college as well with a AAS in Culinary Arts, something she has always enjoyed. When she isn’t hooping, she has a wonderful and crazy family to keep her busy! Be sure to check her out at the links below!  Click here for Jackie’s FacebookInstagram & Youtube!


Lisa Toyne

Lisa first discovered hooping at Burning Man 8 years ago. The moment she saw a girl light up a fire hoop, she knew she had to try it. A year later she made herself a hoop and never looked back. As a Colorado native, it fit perfectly with her active lifestyle, and encouraged a more healthy diet and movement regimen.  She teaches hoop classes to beginner and advanced students, and is active in the Colorado flow community. She is in the process of blending her two passions together, to create unique, affordable, hand-made flow clothing for all shapes and sizes.  Check her out on Facebook here!


Ashley LaClair Cribbs / Smashley

Ashley “Smashley” Cribbs has been hooping since Sept 22, 2014. She is a world traveler and has taken her Ruby hoops all the way to Ireland, Sweden, and more!  She hoops to relieve stress and anxiety, find her zen, and learn to love what her body is capable of.  Ashley is also a leader in the body positive movement and helps women all over the world feel comfortable in their skin.  Connect with her on Instagram!

ashley cribbs

Amber Haskins

Amber has been hooping since December 2014.  She tells us that hooping has not only shown her that she can be happy with the person she is, but it has also allowed her to connect with others. Because of hooping she now knows that exercise can be fun!  She says that hooping is the only exercise that keeps her motivated day in and day out.  “Its a release. Its happiness. It’s changed my life.” To follow her on Instagram click here.

amber haskins

Missy Stewart / Bleeb VonAlien

Bleeb is from northern Ohio and has been hooping since Spring 2014!  She started as a means of exercise but quickly realized it was going to be a whole lot more than that.  Now she can’t imagine life without hula hoops!  She has gained stamina, balance, patience, health, and confidence all from a simple hula hoop.   Check her out on Youtube and Instagram!

Holly Brammer / Hollywood

Holly has been hooping since November of 2014!  She says hooping is her escape from reality most of the time.  She loves to get lost in her hoop.  More than anything else, she loves the journeys her hoop has taken her on, the people she has met, and the best friends she has made along the way!  She says, “Pick up a hoop, try it, it might just change your life!”  She’s on Instagram, follow her here!

holly wood

Jessie Broschart

Jessie Broshart is from Pennsylvania and has been hula hooping since February 2012 and has probably not went a whole day without since!  She has inspired us since we first found her on Facebook and we couldn’t wait to bring her on our team.  She participates in tons of local activities such as town parades to spread the hooping love around!  You can find her on Instagram here!  There is no shortage of inspiration on her page!


Kate Ruggiero / HelloKeighty

Kate started hooping in January 2011.  She saw some girls hooping once at a Dave Mathews show, but she thought she was too big to hoop!  Eventually though she was gifted a big beginner hoop and realized that anyone can hoop!  She loves hooping because it’s a beautiful and healthy way to de-stress from her day to day life.  She appreciates the meditative aspects as well.  She truly believes that she has made great strides in her life both personally and professionally due to the positive mindset that hooping provides to her.  Find her on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Vine!


Hashley Hashkins

Hashley started hooping in 2014.  She was first inspired seeing hoopers at a music festival called Schwagstock.  Her daughter Destiny also got her into hooping; they kind of started at the same time actually!   They have been hooping together ever since!  Hashley has traveled the country with her hoops and tries to hoop in as many places as possible.  She has overcome many obstacles during her hoop journey, including asthma and sciatica.  Many people would have quit a long time ago in her position but instead she just continues to find ways to make it all work for her.   She is truly an inspiration and we are honored to have her on our team.  Follow her on Instagram!

Betheny Marie

Betheny Marie is an artist and explorer of movement born and raised in a tiny South Louisiana bayou town and now resides in sunny South Florida. She first fell in love with hooping in the summer of 2011 after looking for fun ways to exercise and quickly realized the benefits of hooping were way deeper than physical. Through hooping she found an appreciation for her body and was even more inspired by all the body love she found through Ruby Hooping. The hoop is her main prop but she also dabbles in staff and fans. Spinning fire props and eating fire have been a part of her journey from early on. Betheny is a vegan yogi who uses hooping as a tool for self healing, meditation, and body connection. She loves spreading the hoop love at live music events and you can catch her at shows and festivals throughout Florida (although she loves to travel so maybe near you soon)! Check in with her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Jill Calvert / Jillery Hoops

Jillery Hoops has been hooping since 2009. She and her partner, Patrick Bellucci, are organizers of Rochester, New York’s weekly spin jam, Whirly Wednesday. She is very active in the Western New York flow community, bringing together Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo flow artists. Experienced in multi-hooping, partner-hooping, fire hooping, led hooping, and black light performances, Jillery also spins other props such as fans, contact staff, double staves, silk flag poi, contact poi, buggeng, and isolation batons. Active on social media, Jillery has developed a following on Instagram (@jilleryhoops) and has a robust YouTube channel with over 50 hoop tutorials.

Jackie Gajda / Pippin and the Sharmat

Known by day as Jackie Gajda and by night as Pippin and the Sharmat, Pippin has been dancing for over five years. She is the current President of Mizzou Hoop Group, the only movement based college student organization in the Midwest. Pippin has taught and performed at multiple flow festivals, including but not limited to MOFlow and PlayThink. She is a multifaceted performer with experience in double hoops, single hoops, all forms of fire hooping, dragon staff, fans, and fire breathing. She has multiple mini and single hoop tutorials available to watch for free on social media.  Pippin is available on the following social medias for booking and general shenanigans: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook’s Mizzou Hoop Group.

Aurora Flowrealis

Aurora has been hooping since 2012. She first found her way into the community through combining her two passions of photography and hooping in her 2013 Thesis at NAIT. Several of the photos have been featured on Hooping.org.

Aurora began performing in 2014 at a local annual Charity Variety Christmas show. She now performs at several festivals through Western Canada with her group, Spiral Squad. Aurora completed certification as a Hoop Love Coach with Deanne Love in Summer 2017 and teaches classes at her local Community League. She specializes in Multi-hoop, Yoga Hoop Infusion, and Fire Flow. Find Aurora Flowrealis online through Instagram and Facebook.

Charlotte Dillard

Charlotte Dillard is an Atlanta born and raised visual and performance artist. Over the last six years she has made her mark participating and performing in the Atlanta circus community, and teaching elementary age ceramics and printmaking classes. She hopes to take her enthusiasm for teaching and performing to share the love she has for visual arts and object manipulation with the world.

Corrinne Coomes

Corrinne, also known as Rinney Moyna or Rin or BatRinUnicorn. Is she Batman? Is she a Unicorn? She started hooping in Spring of 2015 and hasn’t looked back. A friend gave her a hoop and she learned all on her own from YouTube!
She loves hoop dance and all things flow arts. She’s currently a stay at home mama of 1 but she doesn’t let that stop her hoop practice and progression. She hopes to reach as many people as she can to spread the word about hooping and the benefits it gives in everyday life.  You can check all the magicalness on her Instagram @rinneymoyna and Facebook (Rinney Moyna – Hoop Dancer) and fun hoop dance videos on her YouTube (Rinney Moyna)

Dee Drenning (HoopsieDee)

HoopsieDee (or just, Dee) is a hoop dance, burlesque/variety performer, and hoop wellness instructor. Following an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy, Dee returned home to the St. Louis area where she has been deeply involved in hoop dancing, variety acts, and stage performing for three years and continues her love for her art. She is a strong believer in strengthening the communities in which you exist, and practices this by participating in local events for benefits, charities, and kids programs. With her family by her side, she’s on a mission to help make the world a little brighter 🙂

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