Top Ten Things Hoopers Need (Besides a Hula Hoop)

by Mama Ruby

This list has been updated for 2022!

Okay, I realize the line between need and want is a fine line.  So the word “need” is being used loosely here.  There are just certain things we need as hoopers!

If you’re new to hooping but already know it will be a life long obsession, this list is for you.

Or, if you’re looking for some great gift ideas for the hula hooper in your life, this article should help you out as well.

#1 Thing Hoopers Need – Music

This is the most important thing on the list if you ask me.

Photo of Kate Ruggiero by Toastography

From the very beginning of learning how to hula hoop, music has always been crucial to the whole process.  The rhythm of the music helped me get used to feel of the hoop rocking around my body.

As I ventured deeper into my flow, I found that music was often the vehicle for those meditative, life changing moments that I have felt inside my hoop.

Your best option here would be to subscribe to Spotify or Pandora.  I think you can get a music service through Amazon too if you are an Amazon Prime member.

#2 – A Bluetooth Speaker

things hoopers needA hooper’s bluetooth speaker important enough that even though it’s related to #1, it needs its own position on this list.

You need a way to play your music anywhere you may find yourself.  Whether it’s in the parking lot on your lunch break at work or school, or in the woods on a weekend hike.

I have two speakers I use for this purpose.  The first one is the Block Rocker.  It’s fairly large, but still easy to transport (it has a retractable handle and wheels) and has amazing sound quality and great volume even outdoors.  I mostly use it for gatherings or when camping.

I am not easy on my equipment at all but this thing has stood up to me hauling it all over the place.  I shopped around before I got it, and Amazon had the best price on this speaker.

Then I also have this little Bose Audio bluetooth speaker, which is great for filling one room or small outdoor area with sound.  I used it last year when I stayed in a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN for my friend’s wedding.  It was easy to throw in my suitcase and perfect for having quality music to hoop to while I was there!

#3 Thing Hoopers Need – A Camera to Record Video

One of the best ways to learn and improve as a hooper is to record yourself hooping.  You don’t have to share it on Facebook or Instagram unless you want to.  Even if no one else but you ever sees it, it’s a great tool to watch the play back of your hooping.

Sometimes, you will identify problems in your execution or form.  And others, you will be surprised to find that a trick you thought felt weird when you were doing it, actually looked awesome on video!

I record pretty much all my videos on my iPhone 6s.  The video camera is actually really good, especially in natural light.  But a lot of hoopers use loving a GoPro, a video camera specifically designed for adventurous people.

I’ve even seen hoopers tie the camera to their hoop for a totally different perspective on hula hooping.

#4 – Tripod

If you’re like me and end up just recording your hooping with your smart phone, then definitely grab one of these inexpensive tripods on Amazon.  They have an adjustable clip that will hold any size smart phone.  They also come with a sweet carrying bag so you can toss it in your car and go.

Trust me, whoever has been holding your phone for you every time you want to make a hoop video is going to be very happy you got one of these.

#5 – Extra Grip

Grip is personal preference, but most hoopers do like to have some kind of grip on their hoops.  I usually always take an extra roll of 1/2″ grip tape with me when I travel, as well as some hoop wax.  The kind of grip I prefer depends on the hoop, the environment, weather, and other factors, so I like to keep my options open.

Grip tape needs removed and reapplied every so often, so it’s always a good idea to keep extra on hand.  Hoop wax wears off over time and needs reapplied as well.

#6 – Water Bottle

I should mention at this point that these are in no particular order, because water is pretty important.

Your new hoop lifestyle means you are going to be moving your body a lot, probably more than you have in the past.  You are going to get thirsty!!

I’ve noticed most hoopers carry a water bottle around with them, especially at events or concerts.  Better for the environment than wasteful disposable bottles, plus it’s an excuse to have another cute accessory.

need this water bottle with a sloth on it.  

things hoopers need

#7 – Shorts to Wear Under Skirts & Dresses

So before you started hooping, you probably weren’t twirling around constantly exposing your nether regions to every passerby.

Well, now you are.

So unless you’re fine with sharing your butt with the world on a daily basis (which is fine if you’re into that sort of thing), then get some yoga or biking shorts to wear under your dress.

I wear a size 18, and wanted to share with my plus size ladies my favorite hooping shorts which are on Amazon for a really good price.  I have them in the XL and the 2X and both fit me fine honestly.  They are really stretchable and breathable and they do not roll up on my thighs!

#8 – Hair Wrap

Since I became a hooper, I have a love-hate relationship with my hair.  When I first started hooping, my hair was waist-length.  I loved how flowy it looked when I hooped, but it was always driving me crazy getting in my face, or getting caught on my hoop.

Now that I have shorter hair, I find that I still often want to push it back away from my face or tie it up in a bun.

I have become totally addicted to these awesome bohemian style hair wraps, which can be worn a variety of ways.

They are great not just for controlling your hair but also for sweating!

#9 – Hula Hoop Bag

Hula hoop bags will make it so much easier for you to carry several hula hoops at one time.  The other big benefit is that they will protect your hoops from rain and damaging surfaces like concrete.

There are lots of different options when it comes to hoop bags.  Some make a fabric ring with elastic in the middle that you simply slip your hoops inside.  This is a pretty cute design, but I find that small hoops tend to fall out of it because it has a hole in the middle.

I prefer this basic sport bag I found on Amazon for a very fair price.

It’s plain looking, but I plan on decorating mine with some fabric paint and maybe some patches when I get the time.  This bag can hold hoops up to 36 inches in diameter, and it can easily hold your larger hoops as well once they have been coiled down.  I also really like that it is water resistant (it’s made of feels like windbreaker material).

#10 – Foot Protection

Yoga mats are really useful for hoopers because, well, we like to be able to hoop anytime, anyplace.  And sometimes the ground isn’t super conducive to that- so it’s always nice to have a mat or two to be able to throw down to protect your feet while you hoop.   You can usually find yoga mats really cheap at your local Target or Walmart.

Alternatively, I would recommend some really protective yet lightweight and flexible sandals for wearing while hooping.  I never really wore hiking sandals before I started hooping, but now I will barely wear anything else.   This type of sandal can be worn in pools, creeks, to hike up mountains, and are still versatile enough that I can dance with my hoop in them.

Now that you have everything you need, get out there and go adventuring with your hoops! 

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Rita April 5, 2019 - 1:03 am

Mama Ruby,
Great Blog Post! but I DO have a question.
The Blue Bag you link to on Amazon indicates that it will only hold up to a 36” Hoop but what about those of us who use the larger hoops?

Mama Ruby April 5, 2019 - 1:50 pm

The larger hoops can always be collapsed down so they will easily fit inside 🙂

millie February 19, 2020 - 7:42 pm

You’re right that music is the most important! It can change your mood in just sec and make your hooping -even if it’s just waist hooping!- super fun!! I personally listen to a lot of soundtracks from animations and movies!!! I never thought about purchasing a hoop bag but I guess it’s necessary or better to have for traveling!


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