Turnover Times

by Mama Ruby

October 2020: Right now our orders are shipping within about 2-4 weeks from date of order.  Please read further for more information about our turnover times:

We have been and are continuing to experience an extremely high volume of orders for the past 6 months since the corona virus pandemic began. We very much appreciate each and ever order.  Please be prepared to wait the posted amount of time for your order.  If you can’t wait that long then please do not order at this time.  We are taking steps to get the turnover down ASAP so please bear with us!   

We are working long hours to get everyone’s order completed as quickly as possible.  We are a small family business and your business puts food on our table. 

We greatly appreciate you!  Thank you for your patience!

If you have a deadline or a concern please do not hesitate to email me at rubyhooping@gmail.com.  However please keep in mind that for every email I get, that is less time I am able to spend actually making your hula hoops.  Please don’t write to check the status of your order unless your order has surpassed the longest time frame on the turnover window.

While things are crazy it may take me 3-4 days for me to respond to emails.  But I assure you  I will respond.  Thank you for your understanding.

We define turnover time as the time period between when you order and when we ship the hoop.  Once we ship your package, it will usually take about 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail.   For Canadian orders we ship international which takes about a 1-2 weeks.  For other countries outside the USA, times may vary.

We hand craft most things we sell, and promise it will be worth the wait!

This page is updated as often as possible.