Waist to Lasso Hula Hoop Trick Tutorial

by Mama Ruby

Lifting The Hoop Up From Waist to Lasso

This is one of the first tricks you should learn once you have learned how to waist hoop.  It looks smooth and impressive once you master it, and it will be useful for transitions and hoop dance as you progress through your practice and learn more tricks.  

The waist to lasso hula hoop trick is the first pre-requisite to learning the vortex, which is a cool hula hoop trick where you continually move the hoop from your waist to up over your head and back down.

We will get to that trick later, though.  First, give lifting the hula hoop up into lasso a try.

What Size Hoop Do I Need for the Waist to Lasso Hula Hoop Trick?

You should use your biggest hoop for this one.  As with most tricks, using a big hoop slows it way down so you can teach your body what to do.  Once you get the hang of it you can translate the movement to a smaller hoop, if you prefer. 

If you need a big hoop, grab one of our beginner hoops.

How To Lift The Hula Hoop From Waist Into Lasso Position

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