Winter Hula Hooping: How to Stay Motivated

by Mama Ruby

Got the indoor hooping blues?  Stormi Kammer, sponsored hooper at Ruby Hooping, has some words of wisdom about how to keep the hoop fire burning all winter long. 

A note from Linz: Yes, Florida hoopers, we know you’re all rejoicing that you can finally hoop outside.  Yaaaaay for you guys 😉  For the rest of the world, we’re all super bummed that mother nature is not going to be making it easy for us to hoop freely for the next several months.

One of our customers said….

How am I supposed to express the burning fire of poetry and song inside of me with my hoop, when I live in a house with 8 foot ceilings cluttered with furniture and ceiling fans?  Can you believe my family wouldn’t let me get rid of my couch?!  This is serious business. 

Not to fear, Stormi Kammer is here to solve all your winter hooping problems!  Read on and get your very important seasonal dose of Ruby inspiration.

Winter Hooping Is Totally Possible

First things first.  You NEED an HDPE hoop.  It’s lightweight like polypro, but virtually indestructible.  Okay, it’s not indestructible.  But it can withstand cold temperatures extremely well.  There’s a much, much lower chance of your hoop shattering and possibly harming you.  It’s simply a MUST for winter hooping.

Hooping outside in the frigid temps can be tricky, but it’s definitely not impossible.  First, check the forecast for the day and see when the highest temperature is going to occur.  Make it a point to hoop at that time.

Keep your core warm by wearing tight under layers and loose ones on top which you can remove as needed.  Remember, you are going to be exercising (because hula hooping is the most fun exercise ever), so your body temperature will fluctuate.  It can be dangerous to break a sweat in super frigid temps, so if you feel a sweat coming on, slow down, take it easy, practice some simpler moves that will allow your body to regulate your temperature.  Just be mindful!

It’s easiest to keep the hoop up on your body with cotton clothes.  If you need a bulky coat and/or snow pants, you’re going to need to get yourself a hoop with some 3m grip tape pronto.  3m grip tape has tiny little teeth like grippers that will grab onto your clothes and keep the hoop up as easily as if you were hooping bare naked 🙂 (We all know hoops looove nakey skin!).

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out some of our new Ruby fire wicks!  They attach easily to any hoop and will light up your winter night with exhilerating flames!  Make sure to wear all natural fibers when you spin fire and follow all fire safety instructions.  Get more information on this here!

Hooping indoors is also an option during the winter months.  Hooping in small spaces can actually be really good for your practice, because it can help you become more aware of your surroundings.  You will also gain more control with your hoop, which will help improve your planes and level up your flow!  Consider re-arranging your furniture to give youself a bit of an open space in your living room or bedroom.  Put away breakables because YOU KNOW it’s going to happen.

Indoor hooping is awesome for practicing the following:

wintertime hooping

It’s entirely possible that LED hula hoops are the only thing that gets Linz through the long snowy winters out there in the Appalachian mountains!   There’s nothing like lighting up a beautiful Electric Butterfly or Amethyst Strobe on a dark, snowy night!  You need one.  Trust me. 

(Oh, and you also need our gorgeous new LED poi!  They are ridiculously affordable!)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Perhaps hooping outside in layers doesn’t appeal to you.  Or the high temp of the day isn’t even high like, AT ALL.  Maybe you have way too many breakables in your home, or a sleeping baby, or maybe you’re a night shift worker.  Whatever the case may be, never give up.  NEVER!!

Seek out alternative places to hoop.  Do you have a garage you can hoop in?  Is there a local YMCA or gym near you?  Have you checked to see if there is a flow group in your local area?  Because if there is, they probably already know of an awesome indoor hoop space for winter and will welcome you with open arms.  Check with your local schools, churches, gymnastics studios, dance and yoga spots too!  Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any space you can utilize.  Some will let you for free, and some may charge a very affordable fee.

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Thanks for reading and enjoy your upcoming holiday season!

Until we meet again,

stormi kammer

 Ruby Hooping Sponsored Hooper

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Becky December 31, 2015 - 10:37 am

Really hoping you are not too far from Norwich as your hula hopping page looks amazing!

I’m one of the Rattle Baby Disco event organisers and we’re running our next disco on 17th January at Open in Norwich.

We are looking for a couple of hoopers with LED hoops who might like to come along and hoop on our stage throughout the event as a way to, in return, promote your classes?

Hope to hear from someone soon!



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